I saw a little girl skipping through my dreams last night.

She was wearing cut off blue jean shorts and tennis shoes as she skipped down the center of the Mall without a care. Her pigtails were pulled tight but were hardly straight. One was high and one was low as though she’d been tugging on them all day long. Her mouth was full of gum; maybe five pieces filled her cheeks. In her opinion, five pieces was just the right amount of gum for the best bubbles, and she was working on a huge one as she skipped passed Mall shops.

When she came to the entrance of the hair salon, the hairdresser at the desk waved her inside.

“Come on in here darling, and sit in my chair. I’ll fix you right up.”

The little girl skipped to the twirly chair, hopped up as directed and snuggled back into the chair arms securely. She then looked up into the hairdresser’s concerned face.

“Does something need fix’in on me?”

The hairdresser’s eyes sparkled at her question. He pulled a few hitchhikers from her shirt as he thought about her words. Then he noticed the tag of her shirt sticking out underneath her chin.

“Did you dress yourself this morning darling?”

“Sure did, Mom said I could put on whatever I wanted cause it’s Saturday.” She grinned proudly.

He touched her sunburned cheeks and wrapped one of her pigtails around his hand with a little chuckle.

“Where’s your mother?”


“Where have you been playing?”


The hairdresser then gave the girl a little nudge, “Go on… scoot… I can’t think of a thing that needs fix’in on you, darling. Go tell your mother, I’ll be home for dinner at 6 tonight.”

“Not everything needs fix’in all the time, hu, Daddy.” The little girl said as she scrambled from the chair.

         “That’s right darling, some things don’t need fix’in all the time. They are perfect just as they are.” He gave her butt a quick pat as she galloped off home.


In the world we live in today we are often trained to see, “what’s wrong” “what needs changing” “what needs fix’in” In the above story I’m sure that you can find many things that “should be” corrected. But can you see what “should be” left alone?

Modern day professional companies depend on their employee’s ability to locate errors in products or hazards to production. No matter what profession you are in, law enforcement, carpentry, medicine, school teacher, secretary, gas station attendant, you name it, it doesn’t really matter what profession you are in, part of your job is catching mistakes and fixing them in some form or another.

As much as we do need to spot problems and fix them, strive for perfection and all of that….. Sometimes just to stop and enjoy humanity in all its imperfection is a very liberating and heartwarming experience.

Take the hairdresser Dad for example. I’m sure he ached to straighten out his daughter’s pigtails. He was trained to notice hair and fix it up nice. It was his job and he wouldn’t be any good at his job if he wasn’t able spot hair problems and fix them. But she was happy the way she was. In all her imperfection, she was Daddy’s adorable little girl. The Dad was able to stop his job, “stop fixing up” for just long enough to partake of who his daughter was at that precise moment in time. He held off on complaining about her backwards shirt, her messed up piggy tails, her mouth full of way too much gum. All those things probably bugged him a bit, don’t ya think? But he held off on the complaining about them, instead he decided to notice her happy smile, to notice that she’d figured out how to skip, he’d not seen her do that before. If we take time to train our eyes to see the good things around us, what do you think we’d see?

Not everything needs fixing up all the time. Some things are best enjoyed just the way they are, imperfect and beautiful.

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Dear Friends,

This is just a note to inform you that the edited chapters of Daisy and Connor’s World

have been posted up to chapter twenty-two. Just click on the sunset icon and they will appear. Happy Day, Julia French

Papilio Helenus or Red Helen Butterfly

Papilio Helenus or Red Helen Butterfly








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ちさいものLittle Things

Blue Fronted Damselfly

Blue Fronted Damselfly

Be well… げんきです

Be healed… なおるです






Japanese White Eyed Sparrow

Japanese White Eyed Sparrow


Be clean… きれいです

Be still… うごかないです

Maybe a seed of some kind. (fuzzball)

Maybe a seed たね of some kind. (fuzzballわたげ)




Be free… じーゆうです

Be happy… うれしいです





Be quiet… しずかです

Be myself… わたしじしんです


Snail かたつむり

Snail かたつむり




Be careful… ちゅういする

Take care… きをつける



さかな Fish

さかな Fish



Just be… いるだけです

Be and be and be and be




Monkey Tails!

Monkey Tails!



Sometimes little things become big.

ときどき ちさい ものを おおきに なる。




Monkey tails turn into giant fern type trees.

Monkey tails turn into giant fern type branches.



Sometimes old things become new.

ときどき としものを あたらしに なる。

Have a good week, Julia French

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Out on a Limb

えだに いました

Japanese Sparrowhauk

Japanese Sparrowhauk  たか

Taking a walk, I saw a Hawk.

さんぽしました、わたしは たかを みました。

Observing the world from the top of a tree.

せかいを きのうえから みました。

Out on a limb just God and him.

えだに かみさま と かれ だけ です。

He’s a smart Hawk, to myself I thought.

かれは あたまがいいの たか です。わたしじしんに かんがえてしました。

No one dare touch him, when he’s out on a limb.

かれを だれも さわらないで、いつでも かれは えだに いました。

Japanese Sparrowhauk

Japanese Sparrowhauk たか

さく ジュィア フレンチ

Writer Julia French

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Keep a Clean Field

There is no rush いそがないでもいいよ

Learning how to take my time

Let things go, Let them pass

Find a quiet task and just relax


A clean field looks peaceful. きれいの フイールドを しずか みたいです。

My husband and I enjoyed some nature trails nearby this week.

Some fresh air and sunshine was just what we needed.


We saw a Mongoose. モングスを みました。


Woodpecker きつつき


つつめ たぶん?Sparrow maybe?

Sometimes you have to take time to let your heart breathe. You know, air out a little.

It is easy to plant new things in a clean, aired-out heart. But very difficult to plant new things in a cluttered one.

Thinking about the birds is very helpful. They sing and hop about in the trees all day long. They have no clutter, no worries, no stuff, and yet they live free and happy lives.

I looked up the word, anxiety, in the dictionary recently.

しんぱい = worry

せつぼう = longing

やきもきする = fret

Longing for things that are not yours creates stress. It clutters the heart.

Don’t envy others = ねたましくもわない

God is generous = かみさまは きまえが いいひとです。

Keeping a clean heart takes time and effort.

But there are lots of nice things that can grow there if you dig-out worry.









Matthew マタイ20:1-15

しんらい Trust  しんじる

Julia French

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Everything Green

It’s Spring and everything is turning green.

And since we desire to be lean

It’s important to keep salads on the scene.


Good combo


Nasturtium leaves, Lambs lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spinach, carrot, and tomatoes go well together.


Nasturtium flower and leaves

I’ve never seen Nasturtium sold in a store but it is easy to grow in your backyard.

Once you’ve planted it, it will grow like crazy during the spring and summer, die out in the winter, then naturally reappear the following spring without any work at all.


Green drinks are easy to make in the blender. This one is 1 tangerine, 1/2 apple diced and a small handful of sliced Goya. Goya is known for being bitter but when you mix it with fruit, the bitterness kind of balances out.  The taste is not too bad. I like this combo.


I tried Vege Ramen in a Ramen shop on my birthday recently. The noodles were made from vegetables so they were green plus all the topping as well. This was a tasty lunch.


なんでんし This is a tree that grows dark red berries. However, in this pic the berries are not dark yet.

ルカ8:15–> しかし、よいちに おちるとは、こういう ひとたちの ことです。ただしい、よいこころで みことばを きくと、それを しっかりとまもり、よくたえて、えを むすばせるのです。

Luke 8:15–> But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by patience produce a good crop.

Patience = にんたい

Julia French

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Don’t Worry

Don’t worry = しわさんけ100_2731

I went outside to clean the yard. And look what I found!

あそこに いきました わたしの ヤードを そじする。みて! わたしは なにが みつけました!

100_2732This orange flower always surprises me because it completely dies out in the winter then comes back full force in the spring. It’s a vine but the way the vine piles on top of itself makes it look like a bush from a distance. A huge bush.


Sometimes things are like that. You don’t know where they go or what happened to them. Then suddenly, wala, there they are again. As suddenly as they disappeared they reappear.

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

マタイ6:34 だから、あすのための しんばいは むようです。あすの ことは すが しんばいします。ろうくは そのひそのひに、じゅうぶんあります。


Can you see this tiny little bird? He is such a tiny little thing with a black back and white tummy.

Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

マタイ 6:26 空の 鳥を みなさい。たねまきもせず、かりいれもせず、くらに おさめることもしません。けれども、あなたがたの てんの 父が これを 養っていてくださるのです。あなたがたは、鳥よりも、もっと すぐれたものでは ありませんか。あなたがたの うちだれが、心配した からといって、自分の いのちを すこしでも のばすことが できますか。

When I went to the track this morning, this bird and several others of like kind were hopping all over the place pecking for their breakfast. It was a very sweet sight. I am sorry they wouldn’t let me get any closer for a better shot. (probably company rules)

Anywhooooo, I walked 5 miles at the track and enjoyed the happy birdy activity the entire time.

Later on after breakfast I was feeling pretty good so I headed out for a little run by the river. They are s-t-i-l-l renovating that place. Every time I go something is either gone completely or cut back to near death. (I hope they leave the water in the river.) Personally I kind of liked the original jungle feeling it previously had. The overhanging rocky ledges I guess were a bit dangerous…. but so fun to run under. Got my heart rate right up there you know? Oh well, now the place is “safe”. No rocky ledges, no trees halfway unearthed, no leaf debris pile-up with little yet-to-be-named critters hiding within. It will all grow back right?

Well, I’m not going to worry about it.

あの、わたしは それに ついて しんぱいないです。

Julia French

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What a little bird said.

The other day I went to the track to do some walking. I parked in the same spot that I always parked in but this day was different……


It was different because some birds had decided that it was their spot.


At first I didn’t realize what was happening. I heard their singing. I sat in the car and listened to them for a good long time. I didn’t want to move. I was amused by their sweet dialog.


It was two birds. One in the tree directly in front of my car and one perched on a mini van next to my car. I was so amused that I even opened my sun roof and took these photos of them.


They sang and sang back and forth to each other for the longest time. After a while it dawned on me…..


I was being scolded for being in their spot!

100_2678It was such a sweet scolding that honestly I didn’t catch it at first. Once I realized what they meant, I moved my car immediately and went on with my walking. I walked 5 miles at the track on this day. All the while thinking about these sweet birds.

If my scolding sounded more like singing maybe others would be a little happier about doing what I say. Ya think?

Working on my talking and my walking

Have a good week, Julia French

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