Cloud Photos

Went on a trip recently. The sky was amazing everywhere we went. Just could not resist taking a million cloud photos. Circle photos are leaving Japan, square photos are on the return.


My Favorite out of all of them

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Well I had an amazing thought about Jesus recently when looking at Psalm 27:4 It goes like this in the NIV Bible….

One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek:

that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,

to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple.

It is a beautiful verse just by itself but when you realize it is Him being talked about. The Lord, He is beautiful. To gaze on Him, a chance to see Him. I mean that is wow… what can be said to make it more wowow. To be in His temple and gaze on His beauty?

I was thinking about this. What would it be like to gaze on His beauty in His temple. His beauty, His beauty, His beauty, His temple, His temple, His temple … then bits and pieces of Isaiah 53 came to mind. (still NIV) He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him, He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised and we esteemed Him not.

This is just verses 2 and 3 of Isaiah out of the whole chapter typed out for you but.. the whole chapter is very moving and is good to read over. Read it over along with Psalm 27:4. He set aside all His beauty and glory to come to our rescue… and yet he was so beautiful of heart when he did it.

We think of shiny things, bling-bling, gold and silver, when using the word beauty. I went to a hotel once and it had marble floors, high ceilings with huge chandeliers and rare paintings on the walls. We would say, at least I would say, oh how beautiful, right?

Does it compare to the, tried in the furnace, pure, clean heart of Jesus?

I have another Bible called the Jerusalem Bible. Look at Psalm 27:4 in it….

One thing I ask of Yahweh, one thing I seek:

to live in the house of Yahweh all the days of my life,

to enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh and to consult him in his temple.


to live in His house, to know His sweetness, to talk to Him…

To enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh and to consult him in his temple

To enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh and to consult him in his temple

To enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh and to consult him in his temple

My heart stands still


Isaiah 53:10-12 in the Jerusalem Bible

Yahweh has been pleased to crush him with suffering.

If he offers his life in atonement,

he shall see his heirs, he shall have a long life

and through him what Yahweh wishes will be done.

His soul`s anguish over

he shall see the light and be content.

By his sufferings shall my servant justify many,

taking their faults on himself.

Hence I will grant whole hordes for his tribute,

he shall divide the spoil with the mighty,

for surrendering himself to death

and letting himself be taken for a sinner,

while he was bearing the faults of many

and praying all the time for sinners.


Do you remember this song?

Isn’t He beautiful, beautiful oh isn’t He, Prince of Peace, Son of God, isn’t He, isn’t He, beautiful

Shalom, Julia French

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dirt bike photos

Spent some quiet time sitting in an old chair at the dirt bike track today. Just looking at the trees and watching him take jumps. I really like this guy. hang in there French :):) Your wife Julia :):)

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Untie the Evangelist, Set him free

Untie the Evangelist, set him free

Prayer request/Poem

Untie the evangelist, set him free

To run through the streets harold thee

Highways and byways everyone meet

Call everyone come, everyone  see

Thy kingdom is coming

Thy King has come

Untie the evangelist your job has begun


Untie the evangelists, loose them all

Loose the evangelist in us all

Make us ready, hear the call

Clean out the temples one and all

Make space for your King, do not stall

Untie the evangelists, loose them all


Untangle the evangelist, let him rise

Fill his mouth words so wise

Lead him, lead him be his guide

Untangle him from tricks and lies

Don’t leave him alone, know his cry

Bold to speak, fearless speech

Protect him from danger, watch his feet

Untangle the evangelist let him rise


Rising, rising see him rise

Fill him, fill him, hear his cry

Kingdom coming see the prize

Fill the evangelist focus eyes

Hungry, hungry, hungry is he

Rising, rising, up for thee


Rise up, rise up be untied

Don’t be afraid, gentle eyes

Untie the evangelist, set him free

Run through the streets carry the King

Free, free, free, to carry your king

Ohhhh wo-is me how I long for the King

wake up the evangelists

Set them free

To run for through the streets

Hollering free

He comes, He comes

Get up and see



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New Flower Photos 2016

Honestly all of the flower photos were taken on just one walk around the neighborhood. Flowers are just budding out everywhere now these days.


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GROWING せいちょうする

Apparently there are some types of seeds that only hear one voice. The voice that says GROW せいちょう. No matter the circumstance GROW せいちょうする. 100_4372100_4373


あなたがたがあたらしく生まれたのは、くちるたねからではなく、くちないたねからであり、いける、いつまでもかわることのない、かみのことばによるのです。24「人はみなくさのようで、その栄えは、みな草のはなのようだ。くさはしおれ、はなはちる。 25しかし、主のことばは、とこしえにかわることがない。」とあるからです。あなたがたにのべつたえられたふくいんのことばがこれです。

I Peter 1:23 For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. 24 For, “All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, 25 but the word of the Lord stands forever.” And this is the word that was preached to you.


from imperishable seed⇒くちないたねから

A strong seed, yes? つよいのたねでしょか?

The Growing Seed⇒ Mark 4:26-29

26 He also said, “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. 27 Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.28 All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. 29 As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come.”













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おひつじ Ram


せんしゅう わたしは そうせき 22しょを みました。

Last week I was looking at Genesis chapter 22.

God said → かみさまは おおせされた。Sacrifice Isaac→ イサクを ささげなさい。

そうして アブラハムが イサクと やまに うえ のぼりました

So Abraham and Isaac climbed up the mountain.

しゅの つかいが てんから かれを よび、「アブラハム!そのこに さわらない!」

The Lord’s angel from heaven called out to him, “Abraham! Don’t touch the boy!”

そしてすぐに おひつじを みました。100_4188

After that a Ram was seen.

アブラハムが おひつじを ささげられました。

Abraham sacrificed the ram.

イサクの かわりに おひつじが ささげられました。

Instead of イサク the おひつじ was sacrificed.

イサクを しから たすけました。 (Isaac from death was rescued.)

ゆかたですね!That’s great!

アブラハムは そのばしょを アドナイ・イルエと名づけた。こんにちでも、

「しゅの やまの 上にはそなえが ある」といいつたえられている。

そうせき 22:14 Genesis 22:14

So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day,

“On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.”

しが ちょと こわいもの でしょ、でも かみさまが けいかくを じゅんびしました。おへつじでした。

Death is kind of a scary thing, yes? But God prepared a plan. It was the ram.


Truly thankful! Isaac was saved!

In the New Testament Hebrews 10:5-10:

しんやくせいしょに ヘブル10:5-10:

5.ですから、キリストは、このせかいにきて、こういわれるのです。「あなたは、いけにえやささげ物を のぞまないで、わたしのために、からだを つくってくださいました。

5. Therefore, when Christ came into the world, he said, ” Sacrifices and offerings you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me;


6. with burnt offerings and sin offerings you were not pleased.


7. Then I said, “Here I am – it is written about me in the scroll- I have come to do your will, O God.'”


8. First he said, “Sacrifices and offerings, burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not desire, nor were you pleased with them” (although the law required them to be made).


9. Then he said, “Here I am, I have come to do your will.” He sets aside the first to establish the second.


10. And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

ハレルヤ!Halelujah! 100_4181



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