Waterer or Pooper?


I’d rather be watered on:

In this world there are many different kinds of people.

Some are poopers.  Some are waterers.

As many of you, I prefer to be, watered on, with careful words of kindness and encouragement.

When a person, who is a waterer, speaks to you, even a rebuke, sounds gentle and loving.

A pooper, on the other hand, well, I don’t enjoy them quite so much.

You know the type, the ones that always like to poop on your parade.

They can’t seem to ever come up with anything nice to say. Have you ever met one of those?

Have your dreams ever been pooped on? Take courage today.

As much as we prefer being watered on, I have learned that a little poop can be useful for the soil too.

We don’t like it and it stinks, but a little manure mixed into the soil of our heart actually helps the seeds of kindness, gentleness, compassion and so forth grow stronger. When you know how it feels to be pooped on you are less likely to poop on others because, well, you know how it feels.

Then a blessed watering person comes along and refreshes you with their kind words and you move on.

God help us move on today and not get stuck crying about the poopers that we’ve encountered.

Help me find a kind word to say to each different kind of person I meet. Make me a waterer. 

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3 Responses to Waterer or Pooper?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I for one do not enjoy it one bit when someone poops on my ideas. But like you say, it can be good too. It certainly gets me to stop and think for a moment and to make me stronger. I hope that I am a waterer too. That’s much better than a pooper!

  2. Tony Timbol says:

    Thoughtful post! Makes you think what kind of “stuff” comes out of our mouths!

    Keep posting!

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