The Slope

Journal entry made by Connor Bailey at the age of 13. His little friend, Daisy Ray Greene is 11.

Dear Journal,

     Today I went to the park with Daisy Ray. We took our boards.

The park has a really cool slope. You go like 100 miles an hour when you hit that slope.

I flew down the slope and jumped the steps at the end, just like a pro! It was great!

Daisy Ray tried to follow me down the slope, on her board. She ate it bad. I bought her some candy. She’s ok now, I guess.

When we got back to the apartment, I hosed her legs off with the hose behind the dumpster.

Man, if her Grandma sees her knees, I’m in big trouble. Daisy Ray said she’d she wouldn’t tell.

Daisy was really bummed because she wiped out. I think she’s the only girl I know who has ever dared the slope.

I told her the only way to get better was to keep doing it over and over again until she got it.

We are gonna go back tomorrow and try it again.  Connor Bailey 

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