BUZZ-BUZZ By Julia French

BUZZ-BUZZ by Julia French

I heard a little bee buzz’in one day.

Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz

What’cha buzz’in ‘bout in such a cheerful way?

Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz

I’m buzz’in ‘bout my Maker who gave me this cool buzzer

I’m tell’in Him thank’ya for Mak’in me like no other

Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz

Is that all little bee, that you’ve got to say?

Cause you sure are buzz’in tons in a most unstoppable way.

Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz

Now that you mention it, I do have to say,

I’m filled to the top with praises this day.

Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz

Little bee, little bee, buzz’in all around me,

What could you possibly have to say on this particular day?

Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz

My buzzer will buzz, cause that’s just how I’m made

My Maker has made me to praise Him in just such a way.

Buzz-Buzz, Buzz-Buzz

You go on then and praise Him cause that’s how you are made.

‘My tongue also will speak of His righteousness and of His praise all the day.’

Psalm 35:28 says it best and it’s the verse of the day.

We’ll all do so well if we do not delay.

Praise Him! Praise Him! Invite Him to stay!

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2 Responses to BUZZ-BUZZ By Julia French

  1. Helma Calcaben says:

    You are very creative Julia. Bless you for sharing.

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