GOOD STEAK By Samuel French

Note: I home schooled for a number of years. During which time I had the privilege of reading essays from my own sons. I loved them all dearly. Below is an essay written by one of my sons. He was maybe 15 or 16 at the time he wrote it. Julia French


     Steak is meat from a cow. To get a good piece of steak it cannot be from a cow that is too old or too young. You also don’t want the meat to be sitting too long. You want it as fresh as possible. A good piece of steak meat can be found in most any grocery store.

     When cooking in a frying pan, you should first melt about a spoons worth of butter. Once the butter is completely melted put the steak in. Make sure it is not frozen still. Evenly cook both sides of the steak till you see that it is a light crisp brown on each side.

  Take the steak out and wash the pan till there is no oily content left from the butter in the pan. Then put some oil in the pan and spread it around. Once it is all spread out put the steak back in. Salt and pepper each site evenly. Mix in some hot sauce, very little lemon juice, Japanese Trioky sauce and finally some Japanese salad dressing. Flip the steak after every “twenty Mississippi’s” four times and turn the fire off and take the steak out.

     For all the steps I have written out you must understand heat. If the heat is set too high your steak will be more done than well done. When heat is set too low you may be there for a long time and your steak might turn out quite dry. Too little butter may make the steak burn, too much butter will never hurt, it might just be a waist. Remember too much of anything can get nasty. You never want too much hot sauce, lemon juice, salt, pepper or oil.

     If your steak is between the colors brown and light brown, you did good. It should not be dry, but slightly juicy. There should be about a spoon full of sauce left in the pan. Now this steak, for a change, should just satisfy your tongue.


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One Response to GOOD STEAK By Samuel French

  1. Elizabeth says:

    “Now this steak, for a change, should just satisfy your tongue.” Hahaha he must not have liked how you made the steaks! Now HE can cook the steaks from NOW ON! Very cute essay.

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