Sand and Sea

SAND & SEA By Julia French

Sand is sometimes warm and soft, sometimes cold and hard

Her moods depend, on who it is, that seek her sandy charm 

If they play upon her gently or with absentminded harm

Sand conforms to their digging without the slightest alarm

The ocean loves her either way

They are an inseparable pair

Her moods, to him.., are not a snare

Inseparable is all I can say

The ocean and the sand, each other, they adore

A closer couple you’ll not find, their love forever sores

The ocean rides across miles galore

Smoothing out sandy wrinkled shore 

Cleansing as he goes, does his watery form

Washing away prints that others have adorned

She accommodates him readily no matter what state she be found

Hard and cold or soft and warm, she is his faithful ground

He glides across her speedily, unbothered by her moods

Softening up her surface, as little critters burrow down

“You need to help them”, he reminds her, “it’s why we are around”

“I am the home of sea creatures, and you, critters of the sand

Let’s not forget to do our part and give a helping hand

We’ve been together forever, you.., I understand

Come on now open up, together we will stand

The children need a place to play, critters a place to hide

Fishermen need a place to fish, merchandise to sell and buy

Lover’s need a place to date, a place to bring their brides

And I need a place to rumble, my waves a place to glide

Across your sandy shores I choose to surf and slide

I am your ocean deep, you are my sandy bride

Together through all eternity we shall always abide”

“I love my sand shores” says the ocean to his sand, “my passion I’ll not hide”

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