Running Reality

Making Dreams Reality By J French

I jog my first lap around the football field

A snail’s pace, so far, is my yield

A promise, to myself I have sealed

My dreams, to live, is my deal

Sweating miserably

I dig deeper for more energy

On/Off, On/Off, Walk/Jog, Walk/Jog, must be done patiently

Searching through memories

For what dreams be found lingering

I know somewhere there is more in me

At least that’s what my dreams told me

That I could run at lightening speeds

Winds, so strong, would carry me

So yes, I dream, at present, a dream it be

That ushers me on secretly

Sweating profusely

I tackle lap three

This is my reality

But in my dreams, I am so free

To run with the wind joyfully

Before I die, I’m going to be

Running with the wind amazingly!

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2 Responses to Running Reality

  1. Elizabeth says:

    you will be running with the wind sooner than “before you die.” Keep up the good work. You are doing great. ❤

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