Run for your life!

Dear reader, todays writing is not really a poem. I just like rhymning and I enjoy documenting my running experiences in a rhymning fashion just because it makes my running experience a little prettier. I have not hit that point, in my running experience, where my runs are pretty. Not yet. So I spruce it up a bit with a rhymn here and there. It makes my documentation a little nicer, I think. 

When I say pretty runner’s, I don’t mean well dressed and smiling. I mean, smooth, graceful, quiet, airy like wind. They may be drenched in sweat, a serious expression plastered across their face as they breeze by you. But if you look a little closer, you’ll also notice their eyes are full of firy flame, focused on whatever goal they’ve claimed! Their legs stretching out, taking command of ground about. Arms pumping readily. Reminding me of trains on tracks, steadily. All gears and wheels moving in perfect sync with each other. That’s how the arms pump with legs together. Forcing miles to submit to the runner’s claim. “Your Mine! That’s my aim!” A real runner’s exersion of strength has matchless beauty. The fact that they have no clue of their attactive flying grace, makes them even more beautiful in a race. I have seen pretty runner’s before, one day I hope to be one. The below portion of this blog has a little less dreaming and a little more reality mixed into it. Plus a rhymn or two just for fun. Please enjoy.




Two little birds bickered on my running path today. 

One would, hop, hop, hop, three steps and chirp, chirp, chirp at her partner then retreat angrily. 

Then the other one would, hop, hop, hop, three steps and chirp, chirp, chirp back defensively. 

Not quite sure what the trouble was.

Something about nest keeping and whose turn it was. 

Every lap around the track I made. They were there bickering. 

It seems that bickering must have been the forecast of the day because it happened again in another way….. 

I usually go 8 laps, half of which I run.

But today the pressure was on cause the complainer had come. 

I had no choice but to advance my pace.

Dear God help me stay ahead in this race! 

Does running for your life count for advancement?

I think it does because today instead of 8 laps I did 10!

And I ran five of them! 

Every time she came around the bend,

I’d started to run again! 

Shoes too tight.., sun too hot.., wind too strong.., miles too long..,

My nerves…, she was on!

Oh my God, make the complainer be gone!

With me, she does not belong! 

So…, I ran faster!

Hoping to, out last her!

I did! I did! I ran right past her!

The complainer is not my master! 

I now believe that running for your life is a legitimate way of building stamina and increasing speed.

Just like in Lord of the Rings.

Those guys ran for their lives through that entire movie! 

And look at what good shape they are in…, hum, well, some of’em died.

But in great shape are the ones that survived.

Hummm, Arrive Alive?


(You are the servant of the one you obey.

Don’t obey the complainer today.)


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One Response to Run for your life!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I like the idea of running ahead of the “complainer.” I need to remember that next time my inner voice is doing a lot of complaining. I often imagine I am one of the members of the fellowship in LOTR, preferably an elf because they are pretty and run really fast. 🙂

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