Connor’s Run

Connor Bailey

With Baby Daisy, his childhood mate

Run together until it’s late

A long beach run, to them, a date

Outstretched legs, matching gait

Miles ahead they do take

Steady pace, no need to break

Private world they do make

Where nothing matters but speeds create

Well oiled movement is their state

To them, freedom run, is simply great

Where wind does call but never waits

Boardwalk path, lays out straight

Ocean rumbles, gently shakes

Under stars their hearts awake

Keep eyes high for heaven sake

Forget your troubles, leaving their ache

Run like the wind with your mate

You two dear ones, I’ll not forsake

Run together, close bond make

With Baby Daisy, your childhood mate

Connor Bailey

Dear readers: Daisy and Connor’s World is still in the make



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