Stir it up! Stir it up! Stir it up a lot!

Stir up those good things from the bottom of the pot!

Don’t be disturbed if you find it super hot!

Just keep stirring! Quiting, you must not!

Bring forth curiosity about the Jesus we love a lot!

Bring up interest in those He has bought!

Dig deeper, dig deeper, dig it all up!

Bring it up, bring it up, from the bottom of the pot!

Lot’s of good stuff down there, your two cents is greatly sought!

Stir it up and serve it up, to those the Lord has caught!

They will love it lots and lots!

Reject you, they will not!

Down deep inside you is boiling hot!

Stir it up and serve it up, to those the Lord has caught!


There are seasons to sit a pray

But in that season, do you always want to stay?

Do you really want to be sittin’ and askin’ forever and a day?

At some point there should be an answer, wouldn’t you say?

Spring, summer, winter,fall

Every season has its place and God has made them all

But prayin’s  not the only season that God has made a call

Get up and walk! Get up and Go!

That’s how you get past the wall!

You say, “Go where, go where, where shall I go?

I simply do not know!”

I say, “To the Lord you shall go,

and on you His Spirit shall blow.

So get up, get up, get up and go!

Go past the walls of misunderstandings

Go past the walls of failure

Get up and go, in you, the Lord will sow

Then you’ll know, where to go

Your path He will show!”

There was a time in David’s life that things weren’t lookin’ so good. Take a look at First Samuel 29 and 30. Wow, he was in hot water during these chapters. But in I Samuel 30 verse 6 David did something really cool and this is why David has always been my favorite Bible man.

“David was in great distress because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and his daughters. But David found strength in the Lord his God.”

David not only survived this difficult part of his life he went on to be King. The men that wanted to stone him changed their tune when David led a victorious attack on their enemies and won back everyone’s family members. He found strength in the Lord and led many to victory. Find your strength today.

J oyful heart

E nergetic

S trength without measure

U nderstands us perfectly

S aves all who call on Him

Please have a good day! 🙂

Julia French

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One Response to BODY CARE

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this post…exactly what I needed today. 🙂 I needed the reminder of where to “find my strength.”

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