Evening run w/friends

Dear reader, I have selected a short piece from my book, Daisy and Connor’s World, for your reading pleasure. My book is not yet published. However, while editing, I ran across these few pages, pages 140-143, and thought of you. I do hope that you enjoy them. The characters involved are Connor Bailey (High School senior), Daisy Greene (High School sophomore and Connor’s girlfriend), Willie & Grace (a dating couple and High School sophomores). All four of these characters are on the same cross-country team and run together often. Please be mindful that I am pulling a small piece of the story out of the center of a larger story. Don’t expect all your questions about my book to be answered. But an evening run on the beach is always refreshing even if you don’t know everything about the ones you run with. Am I right? I hope you like it. Julia French

Evening run with friends

“Look Daisy I’m sorry I teased you earlier. You are so much fun to tease, I can’t help it sometimes. Please forgive me ok Daisy girl?” He grinned trying to make up. Daisy checked Connor’s face to see if his apology was genuine. He appeared to be sincere so she smiled a little.

“Ok, I guess it is stupid to get so mad about it. I forgive you.” She came close to him hoping for a hug. He gave her a warm one and scratched her back a bit.

“That’s my girl.” He whispered in her ear. “Can we run now Babe?”

“Ok” Daisy answered feeling better.

        “Let’s go south, all the way to the lookout spot and back.” Connor suggested. Willie and Grace both nodded in acceptance.

“Daisy girl you run next to me Ok?”


They all started off. Connor let Daisy set the pace. The refreshing scenery helped them breathe deep and focus on the simple act of running. There were slopping dunes with wild grasses to one side and the never-ending grey ocean on the other. The wooden platform stretched right down the middle between the two scenes. The little stresses of the day became less and less important as they ran. Relief flooded Daisy’s system. Each runner entered their own private world of running. The sound of the gulls and the ocean water washed away aggravation so easily. The wind blew unwelcome thoughts passed you in just minutes. The refreshing came and Daisy’s head lifted to see the sky and smell the ocean air. She had already forgotten what she was mad about.

When they reached the lookout spot at the end Connor looked back at Grace and Willie wondering if they needed to stop for a few minutes. They did look like they could use a break so Connor then touched Daisy’s arm “Let’s stop a minute.” He breathed.

Daisy was so wrapped up in her own world his words didn’t really sink in so he said it again, “Daisy stop at the benches ok?”

Daisy slowed her pace by one notch at a time just like Andy had taught her. She put her hands on her hips and walked around in circles at the end of the platform still in her own thought. Connor, Willie, and Grace each did the same thing.

Connor jumped up on top of the bench and looked out over the landscape. The wind was sharp and refreshing, he breathed deeply as though the air itself would give him new fuel for the rest of the run.

Willie was watching both Daisy and Connor. He could see that they could easily keep on running. Connor had looked tired when he arrived but now he looked energized and ready for anything. Daisy looked fired up and still focused on her run. She was no longer angry.

She walked over to the railing and put one foot up on top of the railing and stretched out her leg then she did the other one. She looked out over the ocean and sky still deep in her own thought.

Connor jumped down from the bench and came up behind her. He put his hands on either side of her on the railing and rested his cheek on the side of her head. He was whispering in her ear but neither Willie nor Grace could hear his words. Daisy Ray was smiling gently, her gaze still focused out there somewhere on the ocean. Their lovers spat completely forgotten. Blown away completely in the wind or maybe they out ran it, who really knew but it was all gone and forgotten. Now they stood admiring the beautiful world they lived in, completely at rest.

Willie and Grace were watching the ocean themselves now. This was such a relaxing place. Grace climbed up to sit on the railing and Willie stood next to her holding onto her so she wouldn’t fall.

“I love the sound of the ocean.” Willie said softly as he gazed at the waves. The wind being strong made the tumbling of the waves a little louder than usual.

“Yea, the ocean makes such a steady, rhythmic sound.” Grace agreed. All four of them stared at the ocean, absorbed in its beauty.

Connor had all along been whispering in Daisy’s ear something that was just between them. Daisy had completely relaxed against him just enjoying the view and his voice.

Then he asked Daisy, “Should we start running again?”

“Yea, I guess, we shouldn’t lose the moment.” Daisy sighed.

Connor looked down at her “which moment are you referring to?”

Daisy turned around and touched his cheek with her hand. “None of them Connor we should not lose any of them.”

He smiled in agreement.

She watched the ocean a moment longer and then shook herself saying, “let’s run.”

“Let’s do it then” and they were off.

On the way back the wind was at their backs, not in their face. Daisy found this to be annoying because she had not tied her hair back. Her hair was blowing around wildly. Connor noticed her dilemma and passed her one of the bands from his wrist.

She was relieved and mouthed the word, “Thanks” she pulled her hair up then returned to her normal gait.

As they approached the end of their course Daisy began picking up her pace more rapidly. The others followed, keeping step with her perfectly.

When they could finally see the place that they had started from in clear view Connor grinned, “Daisy girl, lets race!”

Daisy considered his request. She had never beaten him before. She’d never even come close but she would try anyway. “You’re on!” And she picked up her pace one notch at a time over and over and over again until she reached her maxed out speed.

Grace and Willie followed excitedly.

Connor pulled out of formation easily and flew to the spot they considered the ending spot.

Willie passed Daisy and flew in shortly after Connor. Next was Daisy and Grace together.

They walked around in circles, hearts pounding, grinning with the excitement of a race well done.

Connor grabbed Daisy playfully saying. “Good race Daisy girl.”

“One of these days I’m going to catch you Connor Bailey.” Daisy stated confidently.

“You already have Daisy girl. You already have.” He returned with a happy smile.


There is more of Daisy and Connor’s World coming soon. Reading daisydesk will keep you in tune.

All writing found on daisydesk is the soul property of Julia French.


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