Saturday’s Thought

 A Saturday afternoon thought:

Bumped into my laundry basket several times today. It no longer moves when you run into it, because basically, it’s just too full, overflowing actually.

I wash and dry well enough but when it comes to folding and putting away…, well…, I procrastinate. You’d think, at my age, I’d understand that laundry doesn’t disappear, “poof” just like that. But no, I still procrastinate doing the laundry until the pile gets so high that I just can’t hide it anymore.

Then suddenly, I had a proverbial type thought!

“Gee, I bet if I fold those clothes and put them away, they won’t bother me anymore!”

“Do ya think?” I answered myself.

(I have heard, that answering yourself is sort of not good. But I’ve so far found no problem with it.)

Many things in life, I find, are just like my laundry. We need to do them. They hover around us annoyingly. We want them done. We pretend they are done. We imagine they are done. But we don’t do them. We procrastinate because…, why…, we have other things we prefer doing or we humor ourselves with the ‘untrue thought’ that those things will somehow, supernaturally, disappear if we ignore them.

Things like, exercising or taking your mate out on a date or playing with the kids or praying to the Lord or keeping the house clean, the list goes on and on of things one might procrastinate. But the bottom line is this:

Things don’t disappear magically. If you want them done, you have to do them. Let’s not die with a pile of laundry in our living room.

Matthew 13:44- The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again. Then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought the field.

Somethings are too important to be ignored.


Treasure hidden

Treasure true

Treasure precious

Just for you

Treasure deep

Is worth the keep

I’ll take the time

To make Him mine







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One Response to Saturday’s Thought

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ah yes…ye olde laundry baskette! Except in my case, “baskette” is plural. I have quite a stack downstairs that needs to be put away…in addition to a kitchen that needs to be cleaned, a couple of toilets that need to be scrubbed…etc etc etc. I guess I will just take your advice and as Nike says, “Just do it.” Happy Saturday!!! (or I guess now for you Saturday night!!!). <3<3 E

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