The Chase / YEAH! / Windows

 The below poems are written by Julia French I hope you like them.


There’s a runner in my head

It’s always fun

 to watch her run

While sleeping in my bed

Up one street and down another

Gently pacing

 Miles she’s taking

Street lights glowing

 Shade trees blowing

While her feet pad the street

Lined with quiet houses peacefully

I enjoy the dream

The girl seems so serene

Her image I do cling

When my bell rings

And the coffee pot sings

A new run, today will bring

Then off to the track I go

I have to start slow

Because as you know

A real life run

Is not exactly the same kind of fun

As laying in one’s bed

With dreaming in your head

Feet straight

Mind your gait

Find your middle pace

Steady, steady, don’t rush it

To the end, you want to last it

Don’t drag your feet

Watch your speed

Keep it even

Walk it out, walk it out

You’ve got to hold a steady pace

Can we pleeeaaasssse be done now

Whines my body

No, you can’t be done now

Just focus on the ground now

Says my will to my body

Feet straight, mind your gait

Find your middle pace

Steady, steady, don’t rush it

To the end, you want to last it

Don’t drag your feet

Are we done yet

Whines my body

No you’re not

Answers my will

Then my dream comes to help me

She gently pads around the bend

A breeze in the wind

That makes me grin

One day you and I are gonna meet

Yes, right here on this very street

And we’re gonna run

And it’ll be real fun

When my reality catches up with my dreams


It’s raining, it’s pouring

I think that is boring

Jumped out of bed

To the track, I said

I’m running every morning




Throw back the curtains

Pull up the blinds

Push up the windows

Feel the sunshine

Whirl around me

Run through me

New thoughts come to me

Dancing sunbeams all around me

So delicate and feather light

New thoughts fresh and bright

Take me to brand new heights

So throw away the curtains of the night

Rip off the blinds that hide the Son’s light

Open your windows

Dance in His sun light

Dance with all your might


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3 Responses to The Chase / YEAH! / Windows

  1. Jennifer says:

    I would be so happy if the runner in my dreams would join my daily reality runner. 🙂
    Love your comparison of the sunlight to the Son’s light…beautiful!

  2. elizabeth says:

    I would be happy too if my dream runner and I met in real life…then uh oh! there’d be no stopping me then! great poems!

  3. daisydesk says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am grateful for His light, my dreams and also my real life. They all connect somehow don’t they.

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