What Can I do?

What Can I Do? By Julia French 


When governments fail you

I am here

When health plans cancel you out

I am here

When shelters refuse you

I am here

When organizations fire you

I am here

When corporations dissolve your position

I am here

When economic plans fall through

I am here

When you call on Me, I will answer you

Because I am really here

Psalm 42:5

Why are you downcast, O my soul?

Why so disturbed within me?

Put your hope in God

For I will yet praise Him

My Savior and my God

 Dear readers, you might be thinking, “I thought this was a blog about Daisy and Connor’s World.

It is. This is a blog set up to introduce Daisy and Connor’s World. The above writing does have something to do with Daisy and Connor’s World. Would you please indulge me a few more minutes to explain?

I have been hearing disturbing conversations lately about world economics and health care. I’m not going to bother talking about these topics, that’d be a joke.

My idea of a good budget is buy the little, cheap things regularly and the bigger, more expensive things, you should space’em out. Don’t pile up a whole bunch of expensive things all in one month. That’s how I budget. Did you crack a smile?

When my husband gives me money he always says, “Don’t spend it all in one place honey. It’s got to last the whole month.” How about now? 

Anyhoo, after hearing various grumblings and complaining about these issues, I did a little praying then I had a dream.

In my dream someone handed me this big book and said, “If you think you know so much about national budgeting, then, here ya go, take the budget. You fix it.” 

That is really all there was to the dream and of course it completely stressed me out. (this happened on the day I ran 7 miles by the way, perhaps it was the stress) Even though I don’t know how to budget, I would like to find a solution just like everyone else. 

I’m so sorry really, that people are having a hard time. They’ve been paying into life insurance and health insurance their whole life and then getting cancelled out or payments suddenly soaring outrageously high because they are now old and might actually need it.  

I feel so sorry about it all but…, what can I do?

That’s what I said in my heart. “What can I do?”

There is a Bible verse that was put into song years ago. It goes like this: 

“Give, it will come back to you, pressed down, shaken together, running over. Give, it will come back to you, when you give, give to the Lord”

This song went through my mind when I asked the question, “What can I do?” 

I already give pretty much everything that I can. So I just sat on the idea for a while just wondering what I could do about it. **Just as a side tip: Every time you hear the word ‘give’ you shouldn’t just freak out and throw all your money away. Just hold onto your breeches and give God a chance to expound on His meaning first. He might not even be talking about money. There are lots of different types of giving you know. So I just sat on it a while.

There was a small thought that tickled the back of my mind for a week or two. The thought was that I could, if I wanted, give my story. I could, if I wanted, just post it on my blog a chapter at a time and just share it for free. Just Give it. That could be my contribution to the world around me. Perhaps they’d get more out of it if it were free.

When times are hard there is a temptation to get ‘graspy’ as though everything is gonna disappear any minute. I feel like God is saying to me, “Resist being ‘graspy’, just let it go and I’ll give ya some more.”

In closing, I’d just like to emphasize that Jesus is free. He doesn’t cost a thing. And just to add a little more icing to the cake, I’ll add that running is also free. I can run anywhere I want for as long as I want and never spend a penny. And do you know what? The next day I have new energy for more running. The economy may shake, health plans crumble, but I’m going to run right through it and He’s gonna go with me. We’ll share along the way just because that’s how we are and you are welcome to run with us any time you like.

Daisy and Connor’s World

Where every good day is celebrated by a long run

And every bad day is redeemed by an even longer one

My story will be posted right here on daisydesk.wordpress.com soon!


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2 Responses to What Can I do?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    As usual, you explain all this beautifully. Can’t wait to start reading those chapters!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this reminder today…I needed it. 🙂

    “I am here”. What an amazing and comforting statement!

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