Off to School

(Daisy and Connor’s World will be posted right here on daisydesk September 1st. It will be posted a chapter a week starting with chapter one. Below is page 12. Just a taste for your enjoyment)


Once Daisy was dressed she grabbed her book bag, sport bag and bicycle helmet and ran down the stairs to the parking lot where her ten speed bike was locked. She raced out of the parking lot so fast she almost ran right over Connor getting into Maria’s car.

Maria was 18 and the only one among them who had her own car. Andy was sitting in front with her and Connor was getting into the backseat with Maria’s brother, Mark.

Maria waved and shouted through her music, “Hey Daisy, want to ride with us?”

“No, thanks, I’ve already got my bike out and everything, plus I think my bike is faster. You have to go through all those lights.” Daisy then pointed down the street. You could see traffic lights all the way down the road with no green one among them.

Daisy took off and Connor shut his car door. Maria pulled slowly back out into the steady stream of traffic. Everyone in the car was now silently wondering about Daisy’s comment about being faster on bike. Any comment about being faster would torture their competitive natures and Daisy knew it. She smiled as she rode down the street.

Mark broke the silence. “Do you think she is right? Will she beat us?”

Connor leaned slightly forward to get a good look at her from the side mirror. They had already passed her on the road.

“If she turns up here at DuPont St, she might be able to pass us. It being a one way road we can’t follow that way up to the back of the school. That way is faster by bike. But I don’t know if she knows that way yet. She is still new to the school. It has only been two weeks into the school year.” He watched her curiously from the side mirror.

Sure enough when she reached DuPont St. she turned. Connor leaned back into his seat with a very slight corner smile. He was glad she knew the way. However, he was now thinking he might just have to ride his bike to school tomorrow.

Andy and Mark began to squirm in their seats. They could hardly sit still now.

“Man Maria, can’t you drive any faster?” Andy complained.

“Oh brother, look who’s being the baby now. We are just going to school, who cares if she’s first? Besides you guys creamed her last night in Halo 3 anyway.” Maria gave them each a scolding side glance hoping they would calm down.

Andy just mumbled to himself, “I have a bike.”

Mark, picked up on it, “Yea, me too, should we ride bikes tomorrow? We will beat her for sure if we’re on bikes!”

Maria rolled her eyes. “If you guys want to ride a bike that’s fine with me, but I’m driving. I didn’t get this car for nothing.”

She then turned left into the school parking lot and parked right next to the bike stand where Daisy’s bike was already locked up. Daisy was already long gone. They jogged up the steps and each disappeared into a different direction until lunch time………

On September first, please grab your coffee

Prop up your feet

Give’em a rest

Because I’ve done my best

to create a ride

of teen runner’s outside

watch’em run, watch’em fly

through life’s busy streets

I would really enjoy giving you a treat

page 12 above is just a peek

Of a story that can’t be beat

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Can’t wait! 🙂

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