Our Mouth

Dear reader: If you click on the Daisy and Connor’s World icon to the right, you will find my book entries. I will be posting chapter 4 Jeremiah’s party on Thursday just as planned. But something happened this week that inspired a thought in me and I just wanted to post it for a few days before my next book entry. Perhaps you will benefit from it. It is entitled, Our Mouth.

My son was playing a game he’d found on-line today. I was surprised at the amount of cursing I heard on the game so I stopped the dishes to take a look. It was a simple children’s game where you build cities. It appeared harmless as far as the activity and visuals were concerned. But man, the language…, the language of the players did not seem to match the child-like game activity at all.

My son has played this game a number of times before and really liked it. He of course, defended his game choice with great enthusiasm. “I can turn down the sound and just watch’em play.” He’d said with hopeful eyes.

In this game you are able to watch other players and hear their comments as they play. You can hear them talking as they win and also as they lose. The players are not the same every day. Whenever you turn the game on someone different is on it. On other days when my son played, I did not witness fowl language but on this particular day, I did.

“Turn off the sound” I said “I can’t take the cursing”

“Sure, sure, no problem” My son was happy to oblige me because I didn’t tell him to turn the whole game off, only the sound.

Please tell me dear reader, that there is more going on in our heads and our mouths than cursing. Surely, with all the vocabulary that has been created over the years, please, please, please tell me that we can come up with something better to say, when we lose a game or get cut off on the highway than, “You _______­­­­­­­­­­ ___________!”

The sad thing is, I don’t even have to fill in the blanks for you. You can come up with words to put in those blanks just like I can. But just because we know the words doesn’t mean we have to use them.

Ya know, there is a place in the book of Jude. Verses 8-10 to be more specific where the Chief Angel Michael quarreled with the Devil over the body of Moses.

Now, if I were going to curse or say that cursing had an appropriate moment, this would be it. Chief Angel Michael staring into the face of the Devil as he (The Devil) tried to make a claim on the body of Moses, Yep…, that’d be a ripe moment for cursing, I’d say. What do you think?

Even though I don’t like cursing, I think in a situation like that, I could come up with a few phrases if I were in Michael’s shoes. I’ve heard enough phrases on the internet to be well armed in any case.

But do you know what? Chief Angel Michael refused to curse, even at the Devil. Do you know what he said?

He said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

That’s it. That’s as close to a nasty comment as he got. Why do you suppose that is?

Some might say, “He was scared of the Devil”

But Michael had contended with the Devil a number of times down through History and had always won. He had no need to be scared of him. I don’t really think that was it.

I think, Chief Angel Michael simply had no cursing in him. None. He was clean. He’d experienced God and just didn’t want it. I can’t say that he’d never heard cursing because he also had involvement with mankind and with the Devil. So to say he’d never heard it would probably not be quite right. Therefore, I prefer to say that even though he might have known how to curse, he didn’t.

I’d like to close with a phrase I have heard my husband say in the car when someone cuts in front of him super, super close and he has to suddenly move to avoid a crash.

“Ok man, you can buy me a new car if ya want. That’s fine with me.”

I’ve been married to the same husband for 27 years and I’ve never heard one curse word come from his mouth. Never.

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2 Responses to Our Mouth

  1. Jennifer says:

    Totally agree with you on this one. Completely unnecessary to use curse words!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Agree, though I am guilty of letting a few choice words slip through my lips. Does “Dooky Balls!” count as a curse word?

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