My First Public Run

It all started with the word, "GO!"

 I was told that around 320+ students, parents, teachers and odd others like myself were present for the (Okinawa Christian School International)OCSI walk-a-thon.

Highway 6

 I don’t know if you can tell from this shot but but the road slants downwards all the way to Zampa Hotel. It’s was a really breezy fun run down.

Zampa Chapel

 I ran past the cute Zampa Hotel Chapel. Behind it is the beach. Every now and then you’d get a glimpse of the ocean as you ran.

The Zampa Lighthouse

 We made a turn at the Lighthouse to run through the Zampa bike trails. Throughout the run the sky looked like it might rain. It really only sprinkled a bit here and there. Not much rain, just cloudy. Perfect weather, yes?

Zampa Bike Trails Along The Coast

 Once we turned at the Lighthouse we had a better view of the ocean. The bike trails have lower brush than that of highway 6. You have a clearer view of everything. I enjoyed running through here. Timmy likes Zampa bike trails too. If you’ve been reading my dailymile runs you might remember me mentioning this place. It is Timmy’s number one choice when it comes to scooting on his scooter.

Sugarcane Fields

 We passed a lot of Sugar Cane fields. Sugar cane grows everywhere here.


 This is the road back into the school. It is really steeper than it looks. You just have to believe me because this picture just does not take in the steepness of this hill. This incline nearly killed me. I seriously thought my toes were going to break off! I somehow managed to keep them all. But they were not happy let me tell you, no sir.

Welcome Back!

 The school did give every participant a really nice welcome back. You got to run down this little strip here while the school staff cheered. That was very nice of them I thought.

My First Prize!

 These are the prizes that the school passed out. I recieved a hand towel and a visor for running 17 km in 2 hours and  35 minutes. Don’t ask me why they passed out 2009 towels in 2011. That was a bit disappointing. 😦 But I’m not waisting my time dwelling on it. That torn up piece of paper is the time chart they gave me. It got a little messed up during the run. But the time is written there and I have it thumbtacked to my office door now.

Timothy and his friend

 I am very proud to say that Tim completed 9 km in 3 hours. He enjoyed the games and lunch that the school privided for the kids at the end of the walk-a-thon.

Tough cookie

 This little gal here had nothing really to do with my run. But she looked like such a tough little cookie I would not be surprized if she actually did run in the future. She seemed so serious about the whole affair. I had to take her picture.

Well, that was it! That was my first public run here in Oki. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Don’t forget to check out Daisy and Connor’s World for chapters 11.5 which is up now and chapter12 will be up by Thursday. Have a good day. J

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6 Responses to My First Public Run

  1. elizabeth says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! YOu did it! That’s really cool. I love the pictures. And that lil gal does look pretty tough. She looks like she might give her mom and dad a run for the money or the cookies. great job again.

  2. This sounds like such a wonderful day. Great job on the run!! 🙂

  3. Kelly Kaup says:

    17 km for your first public race! That’s amazing. I have to agree…that is a very beautiful route. I love that area.

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