Chapter 13: A Morning with Connor

Grandpa Joe roused everybody for breakfast as usual. He had made his specialty, biscuits and gravy.

Daisy floated into the kitchen still in her dreamy state from last night. She drank two glasses of water at the kitchen sink then plopped down next to Grandma Rose at the table, smiling a silly, crooked smile.

“My, my, aren’t you in a good mood this morning,” Joe noticed.

“Yea.” Daisy smiled dreamily at him.

“That Connor must be some kinda Romeo.” Joe shook his head and chuckled.

“Yea.” Daisy sighed contentedly.

Grandma Rose was in her usual mode of sharing her plans for the following week and trying to convince Grandpa that he needed to go along with her and help. He was attempting to resist, but Daisy knew he would give in by the end of breakfast.

Daisy ate slowly, and then washed everybody’s plates. She put a load of laundry in the washer and walked off to take a shower. She knew she had stuff to do today but could not yet focus on what those things might be yet. After showering, dressing and moving the washed load of clothes to the drier, she noticed her school bag hanging on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. Then she suddenly remembered her homework.

“Oh yea, I need to get that done.” She grabbed her bag and stationed herself in the living room on the sofa to sort through her bag and get started on her assignments. Her cell phone rang, interrupting her. She ran back to her room and threw herself across the bed, quite sure it was Connor.

“Hey, Connor,” she giggled, so happy to hear his voice.

“Hey, Baby Daisy. You up yet? What ’cha do ’in?” Connor asked with a yawn.

“Well, I’m trying to sort through my books and remember what my homework is,” she sighed.

“Keep it all in your bag. Andy just called. Maria is gonna talk to her Mom today, and she wants you to be there because you saw the whole thing first hand. Maria said we can spend the day at her place. What do ya say?”

“That sounds great to me! When are we leaving?” Daisy rolled over onto her side and propped her head up with one hand.

“Dad is going out with George again today so I can have the car. But he also made a list of chores that I need to get done before I can leave. Come over in an hour.” Connor yawned and stretched again, making a loud, semi-rude noise into the phone on purpose.

“Yuck, Connor! Can you keep your animal noises to yourself please,” Daisy complained.

Connor yawned again simply because it was fun to get ‘a rise’ out of her.

“Connor…,” she moaned.

He chuckled at her irritation. “I guess I better get up and get dressed. Have you had breakfast yet?”

“Grandpa made biscuits and gravy this morning. They were pretty good. Do you want me to see if there is one left over?”

“Yum, bring me one. You can come over here and dress me too if you like.” He grinned mischievously. Putting his one free arm behind his head he shut his eyes enjoying the thought for a minute.

“Uh… Connor, I don’t know what dream world you are in right now but that is never going to happen.”

“My dream world is a great place, and there is only one girl in it, babe.” He smiled as he rolled over to sit on the side of the bed. “Can I still have a biscuit?” he continued playfully.

Daisy rolled her eyes at Connor’s dream world comment. She decided to skip it and move on to the biscuit question. “If there’s one left I will bring it. But you better be dressed when I get there or I’m leaving and taking my biscuit with me, Connor Bailey!” she scolded and hung up.

He moved around his room getting dressed with an amused grin plastered all over his face. Messing with Daisy was one of life’s little blessings. He enjoyed it tremendously.

After an hour, Daisy knocked on the Bailey front door.

“Hey babe, come in.” Connor grabbed her bags and threw them in a chair as he led her to the kitchen where he returned to his glass of orange juice at the counter.

Much to Daisy’s relief Connor was completely dressed. “Good morning. I see you’ve found your pants all by yourself,” she teased as she moved to the microwave with Grandpa’s biscuits. “If you heat these for one minute they will taste better.” She popped them in and pushed all the buttons required.

“Yea,” he sighed playfully. “It would have been such a fun morning had you been over here to help.”

The microwave beeped, and Daisy passed him the warm plate.

“WOW! They smell great. Your Grandpa made these?”


Connor took the first bite with obvious approval. “Do you know how to make these?”

“Yea, I can make ’em. You really like ’em, huh.” She crossed her arms and leaned against the counter watching him eat with amusement.

Connor took her fingers with his free hand and held them affectionately while he enjoyed his food. “Remember last week when I mentioned Dad’s machine shop offering me a part time job?” He glanced up in between bites.

“Yea, I think so. Sweeping up wasn’t it?”

“Well, I’m taking the job. It will be every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Will you come with me?” He smiled as he took the last bite on his plate.

“Sure, as long as I get some say in what to do with the money we earn.”

He wondered silently what that might actually end up meaning but, he let the thought go. “Deal.” He then twisted on his stool and pulled her right into his chest and gave her a warm hug. After a moment, he looked up to see if she were still wearing his shark tooth necklace. He was happy to see that she was. He reached one hand up to move it to the center of her neck. “It looks really nice on you. If I can find another one like it I will add it on, okay?”

She placed her head back down on his shoulder and yawned.

He smiled at the sound of her. Then right next to her ear he whispered, “Hey, that reminds me… I made ya something.”

“You did?” She looked up smiling. “What?”

“Mocha coffee with ice cream and cherries.”

“You’re kidding me… I don’t smell it.” Daisy passed him an amused but unbelieving look.

“I put the coffee maker on the balcony so you wouldn’t pick up on it until I was ready to tell you. Of course, the other stuff is still in the freezer.” He smiled proudly for his shrewdness. “Go sit on the balcony, and I’ll bring the rest of the stuff and put it all together for you.”

“Kay.” Daisy giggled at the princess treatment she was receiving as she opened the sliding glass door and walked out onto the balcony. Her eyes scanned the ocean view with all its glorious morning brightness. “Benefits to being just a mile from the beach,” Daisy mused quietly. After a moment she picked up on a light coffee aroma wafting around her head. She turned to notice the Bailey coffee pot sitting invitingly in the middle of the old white plastic camping table behind her.

“Here we go…. I think I have everything here.” Connor appeared on the balcony with an arm full of coffee making items. He lined the items up in a neat little row on the table. Then commenced, as carefully as a surgeon, putting together a coffee masterpiece for his darling baby Daisy. When he was done he held out his creation to her proudly. “Try this babe.”

“Thank you.” Daisy took a spoon from the table for the cherry topped concoction. She stirred the ice cream around in the coffee and took a big bite.      “Mmmmm…. it’s great,” she mumbled with a full mouth.

“You like it?” He grinned, happy that she was happy.

“Mm-Hum.” Her mouth still too full to talk properly so she held out a spoonful for him. “Want… some?”

Connor moved in real close and took a bite from her spoon. “Not… bad, he mumbled through a freezing, coffee ice cream, full mouth. Once he gulped it down, he smiled lovingly and said, “Now what are ya gonna give me back?”

“I brought you a biscuit”

“Grandpa Joe made that.” Connor’s eyes twinkled mischievously.

“What exactly…. is it that you had in mind?”

“I want a poem.”

“What… right now?” She giggled at his request.

“For real. I want a poem… right off the cuff… straight from your heart… just for me. That will make my morning complete. Now come on Day-Day.” Connor took hold of her hips and kissed her freezing, ice cream filled lips. “I know there’s one in there somewhere.” He jiggled her around playfully as though that might shake a poem out of her somehow.

She reached up and twirled her fingers into the curls at the base of his neck and peered into his eager, deep as the ocean, grey eyes, thinking. “Hmmmm……’What Completes My Morning?'”

Connor grinned at the deep indent that appeared between her eyebrows as she churned around words in her mind. He knew she’d come up with something if he remained quiet for long enough. This is what she said:



I tell you, it mustn’t be anything boring.

Could it be a hot shower pouring?

Or special brewed coffee boiling?

Perhaps someone else doing the breakfast choring.

Hmmmm, those things are heartwarming,

But do they really complete a morning?

I’ll tell you what fills my heart with adoring.

To see you on the boardwalk flooring,

Speeding past me in all your running glory,

Against all odds and elements warring.

Your breezy ways send my heart a soaring.

That’s what I love to see in the morning.

Watching you run is never boring!


Connor cleared his throat, somewhat stuck on how to respond. “Thanks Day-Day.” He managed after a moment. “Now… uuuh…,” he stared into her eyes, not wanting to let go of the feeling her words had created. “I think… we should… uuuh…”

“Go to Maria’s house?” Daisy delightedly finished his sentence for him since he seemed to be having trouble speaking.

“Yea. Let’s go to Maria’s house. Then after that… I want to… uh…,” he whispered.

“Take me running?” She giggled.

“Yea. Take my darling Day running.” He kissed her nose lightly. “Let me just clean up all this coffee stuff and we’ll go.”

“Yeah.” She smiled, very happy that her morning with Connor had gone so well.


Mocha coffee with ice cream and cherries

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