Holiday Greetings from Daisydesk

Dear Daisydesk Readers,

I just thought I should give you the heads up that Santa might be late this year. I’ve seen him hanging on this wall for like three weeks now. I think he’s stuck.

Santa is stuck!

 However, just because Santa is having a problem doesn’t mean daisydesk is going to leave you hanging. I have posted 3 chapters for you today. The 3 chapters combined make up one very important Monday for Daisy and her friends.

Chapter 14.5 Squishing a Run in for Daisy

Chapter 15 Confrontation with Surfside

Chapter 16 Dinner at the Langley’s House

 Reading them together would be best, I think. 🙂

Merry Christmas from daisydesk

 Please click on the ocean/tree photo to your top/right, marked Daisy and Connor’s World to find these chapters plus all the other chapters of Daisy and Connor’s World so far posted up to this point in time. Make sure you are reading the chapters in numerical order.

Take a break from the holiday rush and run with Daisy and her friends for a while. Have a Merry Christmas, Your Author and Friend, Julia French

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2 Responses to Holiday Greetings from Daisydesk

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Poor Santa…somebody better get him down from that roof! I like your itty bitty nativity scene candle holder.

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