Real Photos of a Real Run

Dear Friends, As 2011 comes to a close, I thought I’d spend some time sharing with you real photos of a real place that I have grown to love, the track. I love this place, not because of its tranquil beauty but because I found running success here this year. 

The Yomitan Track is where I learned to run.

 You can’t tell from this photo but there are actually 4 tracks in this place. This one, with it’s red running turf was the first track I ran on. As I progressed, I added the other tracks to my running. 3 tracks plus the parking lot all together to make up 1 mile. (one track is under constant construction therefore I don’t run it)

The other tracks I run are dirt or grassy.

Dirt Back Track


Grass down the side of the track

 These are the photos of the 3 tracks I run. I also run around a huge parking lot but I didn’t figure you needed a photo of that so I skipped it.

Once I hit 7 miles in track running, I began venturing out onto the street. I discovered that street running was harder than track running. This is mostly because of inclines, turns and traffic. There is an unpredictable element involved with street running that you don’t have on the very predictable track. My 2012 running goal is to master THE INCLINE.

I no longer drive to the track. I run. This forces me to add 1 mile of street running (w/incline) going in and 1 mile of street running (w/incline) going home. There are two ways to the tracks. Both ways have killer inclines. Whichever way I go, there is no way to avoid it. I have no choice but to overcome. It is hard to take a photo of an incline but I tried.

Gradual incline

 This photo doesn’t do the situation justice. This is a real incline, honest! I wish you could feel what I feel when I run up this thing! Please understand, I mean that in the kindest of ways. 🙂

I do run other roads with inclines from time to time but this is my regular, ‘must do every week’, running place. It is the place that I will tackle THE INCLINE in 2012. Let’s have a great running year! Your friend always, Julia French

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8 Responses to Real Photos of a Real Run

  1. elizabeth says:

    I love your tracks…and the pictures. And I love following your running. You are very inspiring!! By the way, inclines never show up good in photos, so I believe you. They are tough but make you a stronger runner. Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in running in 2012!! Got any races planned? Any specific goals? xoxo

  2. daisydesk says:

    Racing plans! My goodness Liz, I haven’t really achieved a racers pace yet! I do hope to run a marathon with you…., one day. A day off in the horizon somewhere, but…., not in 2012.

  3. elizabeth says:

    There’s no such thing as racers pace. You think I do races because I think I can win them? hahaha! They are just fun to do with all the other runners out there. And trust me, people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and paces run races.

    • daisydesk says:

      Well, I was refering to a pace that qualifies. You know, when you sign up. You have to be at a certain level of running to qualify, don’t you?

      • elizabeth says:

        There are a few marathons out there that require runners to meet certain time qualifications, e.g., Boston Marathon, but most races do not and are for anyone to participate in–from the elite runners to the beginners, which is why it is so cool. Now, many races do have cut-off times when the courses closes, meaning you will want to finish the race within that allotted time, but they usually allow ample time for even the slowest of runners to complete a race before the course closes. For example, the Philadelphia Marathon has a cut-off time of 7 hours, so runners will need to finish the race within 7 hours…but 7 hours is a 16-min pace, which is walking. The best thing to do thing to do is to find a few races you are interested and check their websites for details. I found this guy’s blog just now and he lists a ton of races in okinawa and around. Google is a wonderful thing.

  4. Go girl!!! Inclines are tough. I learned that when I did the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay, but after training for it, and running it, I have a small, fond liking for hills. They’re a good challenge for me. You can do it!!!

    • daisydesk says:

      Dear Ara, ‘A small, fond liking for hills’ you say. Well girl, you are one step ahead on me. 2012 is the year I’m getting it done though. Los Vegas Ragnar Relay, what’s that? Is there something about that on your blog somewhere?

  5. daisydesk says:

    Elizabeth, you’re not going to let me just run in your shadow are ya. Thanks for the race info. I am happy running alone but no man is an island even if he lives on one. I have made some running connections. I will write about it if anything comes of it.

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