Last Run of the Year with WOOT!

My very last run for 2011 was done this morning, December 31st, at 6:30am. I ran the Red Bridge River Run with a group of ladies called, WOOT.

Red Bridge

Red Bridge crossing the river run trail

There must have been 30+ ladies in the group. We gathered at Starbucks then ran across the Red Bridge and hooked up to a trail that runs underneath it. The trail was beautiful and the ladies VERY chatty.

I took no pictures during the run itself but later in the day I returned with my husband and son. We walked the trail together and I took all the photos I wanted. I also explained in great detail my entire experience. They listened and helped me come up with what to say to you.  So, it is my family in the photos not the WOOT ladies.

River Trail

River to the left of the trail and coral rock to the right

River Trail

River Trail

River Trail

French walking and Timothy riding his bike


We ran by this pond that Tim is checking out

Once we ran the full length of the trail in one direction, we doubled back and ran in the other direction. That led us past the Red bridge all the way to the seawall. We ran a portion of the seawall then returned to Starbucks.

Sea Wall

Sea Wall

I just want to say at this point that this was my first experience with “Pack Running” and I really enjoyed it. All the aches and pains you feel when you run alone you don’t feel when in a group. (til ya get home that is :)) I guess that’s because you’re either too busy talking or too busy listening to someone else talk. You are more focused on what is happening outside of you and less on the inside of you. Pack running might turn out to be a very good thing for those, like me, who are normally considered, “Loners”.

What's in the Horizon?

What's in the horizon for the new year?

This isn’t the best horizon photo I’ve ever seen but it is the December 31th horizon that was on my run today. Sometimes we just have to go with what we’ve got. As I look at this photo, I’m wondering …, what’s out there?

Maybe some new friends, eh? 

For the details of this run please check my dailymile entry for December 31st.

Your Friend, Julia French

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4 Responses to Last Run of the Year with WOOT!

  1. elizabeth says:

    I am glad you found the WOOT ladies and enjoyed your run!! The pictures are pretty…looks like some awesome places to run.

  2. Looks like a beautiful running trail. Glad you like pack running.

    • Julia French says:

      I did enjoy running in a group but I can’t talk and run at the same time very well. When you’re in a group people tend to like to talk. I’m just not there yet. The trail was beautiful.

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