Running Fight

Roadside garden

Roadside garden

There are many reasons one might say their run was a good one.

1) If you hit a desired speed

2) If you reach a new distance

3) If you tackle tough terrain successfully

4) If you make a new friend

5) If your route was unusually scenic

6) If you come up with a solution to a nagging problem

7) or just plain get away from it all and have a moments peace

These are all valid reasons to say at the end of a run, “That was a great run!”

You might can even think of more reasons. I can think of another……

Running Fight

I like it when…, down deep in my gut, I feel strong enough to fight.

When the road reaches beyond my sight.

And I feel strong enough to take it in swift flight.

Not all runs feel just right.

But every now and then, deep in my gut, a fire ignites.

Burning bright……,

Eating up all the days grips…..,

And I run free with all my might.

I feel so great on those nights.

On those nights when, I feel strong enough to fight.

A portion of the incline on my Zrna circle route

A portion of the incline on my Zrna circle route

Putting My Mind in Order

Quit your yap’in

And do your lap’in

Today there’s no nap’in

This road my feet are tap’in

New routes my head is map’in

My fun you’ll not be zap’in

This run is soooo gonna be hap’nen

A portion of the highway that I run when doing the Zrna circle

A portion of the highway that I run when doing the Zrna circle

Today I ran Zrna circle. If you have been reading my writing for a while you might remember that Zrna circle was my first attempt at street running. I hated it too. I said I didn’t want to go off my homey track ever again.

However, every now and then I’d feel strong and give it another go.

Now, several months later, I can say that “Today I had a great run!”

It is only about a 1 mile circle that I repeated 3 times. But one part has a steep incline up which was really hard the first time I did it. It is still hard but I believe it has moved from the “I’m gonna die” category to the “I can fight” category. That is what made today run great. Your friend, Julia French

(I’m still working on Chapter 24 of Daisy and Connor’s World. I’ll post it as soon as I am 100% happy with it. Have a great week!)


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4 Responses to Running Fight

  1. elizathon says:

    that’s a happenin’ incline! If you keep running up and down that thing, you will keep getting stronger and stronger….and then certainly I would not want to come head to head with you in a dark alley, especially with all your fight talk. 🙂

  2. daisydesk says:

    All my ‘fight talk’ you’re so funny liz 🙂 thanks, J

  3. Awesome job on your run! Love this post!

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