Seawall Run and Standing Still

Monday I ran down the seawall all the way to the Navel Kadena flower shop and back. It took me 50 minutes to run down, 30 minutes to meander through the beautiful flowers at the shop and 45 minutes to run back. I had a peaceful morning.



The seawall is, as it always is, broad and flat which makes running easy. The weather was cool with a lazy breeze blowing. There were clouds floating around, keeping the bright sunshine in check.

cloudy sky over the ocean

partly cloudy sky over the ocean

sun shining through the clouds

The sunlight shining through the clouds

Wasn’t the sun shining through the clouds in an odd way? The clouds were almost glowing with light. Very odd, I thought.

small waves rushing over coral

small waves rushing over coral

The only real waves today were small ones rushing over a nearby coral reef. If it were low tide you’d be able to see the coral from here. But it’s high tide right now.

flower shop

Flower shop

In reality the flower shop wasn’t open for business yet. But the front of the store where the flowers are located is not enclosed. I’m guessing that is so the flowers can get fresh air and sunshine. So I sort of tiptoed through, took a few photos and tiptoed back out again.

delicate flowering tree

delicate flowering tree

pink flowers

very large yellow Daisy

Very Large Daisy

On the run back home I noticed a bird in the air. he was at a stand still. Have you ever seen that? Wings out, floating in midair, not falling, not rising, not going forward, not going backwards, just there, in the middle of the sky?


bird at a stand still

At a Stand Still

Birdy-Birdy in the sky

Are you happy with your fly?

Not going up

Not going down

Not going anywhere

The world around

As fun as it might seem

Feeling the wind beneath your wings

Aren’t you missing quit a lot

just hanging there in one spot?

Just a thought.

 That is where I am with my running right now. I’m out there running. But I’ve hit my goal, so…., I’m just there, in midair. Enjoying the experience of the wind beneath my wings.

Originally, regaining full mobility of my limbs was everything to me and I really worked hard to get my health back. But now I’ve got it. I’m comfortable again. I ran 8 miles Monday morning and it was a pleasant experience. I look forward to doing it again real soon. (I look forward to doing it exactly the same way I did this run this morning. 8 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes. What’s that? A 12 minute mile?) If my running goal remains the same, with simple good health as my target, I’m good…, I guess, right there in midair, enjoying the view.

If you are a runner reading this, I bet it bugs you that I said that. it bugs me, that I said that. It rubs the grain the wrong way to except less when you know there’s more. Doesn’t it…..

I have also heard it said that, less is more. Does that somehow apply to this situation? I’m not sure….

I had to get a little mean with myself to make the move from walking to running. Actually, I had to get real mean with myself but I was desperate then. I needed my health back. There was some fighting involved to get it back too. But once I got over that hump and really started running, everything fell into place easily enough and I was good to go. No more need to be hard on myself, I’m healthy again. I can relax…., can’t I? Why am I not sure?

Now…, I’m finding there is not just one hump to get over. Now I’m faced with a new hump/hill/wind of decision what ever you want to call it.

Do I get mean with myself all over again and push myself to run faster, run farther, ignore my purple toes and push to excel to a new level of running?

Or do I remain as I am,  jogging along at my own pace just happy to be alive and be healthy?

Birdy isn’t finished yet

I’m happy just being me. I enjoy my life and my family.

But is it fair to end it all right there?

Just hover in the air, enjoying the breeze in my hair?

How can I?

When I am strong and I am able

To leave things undone on the table.

There is something very wrong with that.

I have to tell that bird to flap.

To dive and push and fight the crap

That tries to steal our resolve and our strength to zap

So many things left to do, just look dear bird, at any map

And you will see, life’s not over yet, it’s only just begun!

Find your fight and get a move on!

Dear Reader, the next chapter of Daisy and Connor’s World  has been posted. Just click on the Daisy and Connor’s World icon and all the chapters will come up for you. Have a great week ……J

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8 Responses to Seawall Run and Standing Still

  1. elizabeth says:

    I like this post. I know what you mean. For me, personally, in the beginning, I just wanted to be able to run far without stopping. So I worked hard at that. And I ran as far as I wanted to run, and then decided that I was content with that distance. Then that I thought, ok what now? maybe I try to run a shorter distance more quickly than I have done it before. I am trying that because it is fun…I really like to push it in a different way. That’s where I am now. I don’t feel angry at all thinking of you as a birdy in the sky just hovering there enjoying the view and feeling good. I think you should do what feels right and makes your body and soul happy. You can run all the way down the beach to the flower shop and back on your own two feet and enjoy the things you see along the way. What’s better than that? If setting a new goal feels right, then go for it. If you are content to enjoy the view from where you are, then enjoy that too. I would think that God is just happy that you are enjoying the view of his beautiful creation, regardless of your speed. But you know better what he tells you in your heart. xoxoxox

  2. daisydesk says:

    I don’t know really, there is this huge debate going on inside of me about it. It is important for plain old sanity sake to love where you are, enjoy all stages of life no matter where you ‘rank’ next to others. But I read blogs about marathons, triathlons, trail races. I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing something. I even read about one lady running in the desert of all places! Wouldn’t that be an experience! But then again, to me, everything is an experience. Even blogging. 🙂

  3. C... says:

    Great post! It is a challenge to figure out what you want in your running goals because it’s easy to get in the cycle of comparing with others or others having their own expectations of you.

    • daisydesk says:

      yea, I agree, you have to really work hard at putting others out of your head and pick what ‘just you’ wants to do. After all, you are the one that has to live with your choices, not everybody else, ya know?

  4. Ara says:

    I say do what you’re comfortable with. If you feel like you need to push yourself to become a faster runner, then do it. But don’t do it for anybody but yourself. Otherwise, if you’re just happy at the running pace you’re out, then just stay there. 🙂

    That looks like an absolutely beautiful run. Those flowers are gorgeous.

    • daisydesk says:

      Thanks Ara. That is sort of how I feel when it is just me all by myself but in real life there are lots of people spurring me on. On twitter, daily mile, friends and family. I can’t help but pay attention to them. I would not have gotten to the happy place that I am in right now without their ‘spurring’. I am now on hill number two.

  5. Jo Hardwick says:

    Setting goals is a good idea, but sometimes just enjoying the moment is more important. I like the poem about the bird. I’ve watched the sea gulls at the beach do that, just hang there on the wind, waiting for the wind to change direction. The bird seems to be looking and looking and thinking about where he wants to go next. I think we sometimes have to just hang there, wherever we are, and take stock, just be still in our actions and in our hearts, waiting for the inspiration to move on. I enjoyed reading about your run along the sea wall and the pictures of the flowers. Simple, uncomplicated, and beautiful. What a wonderful things to see on a morning’s run. Jo

    • daisydesk says:

      Thanks Mom 🙂 everyone is in need of regular “Hang there” moments but it’s tough….., those kind of moments can’t be forced and at the same time they don’t happen without effort. It’s a challenging thing.

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