Chapter 30: The Hospital

Down the white hospital hallway Connor, Andy, Maria and Daisy could see the flaming red hair of Doctor Chimes moving briskly towards them. Coach Peggy had called the hospital in advance and informed Doctor Chimes of Daisy’s accident, therefore he was prepared for her arrival.

Doctor Chimes was the father of Jeremiah Chimes, the pole vault/party boy of Maxwell High. The doctor knew Davis, Matt Langley and Coach Peggy quite well, but his working knowledge of Daisy and Connor came through dinner table conversation with Jeremiah. Of course, Doctor Chimes was completely clueless when it came to the wild party that had happened at his house while he had been away on business back in September. He had only heard stories of their sports adventures with Jeremiah and the other Maxwell team members, nothing more.

“Hello there Miss Greene. How are you feeling?” Doctor Chimes held his hand out to the side to direct her and her friends into a brightly lit examination room.

“My shoulder aches, sir,” she shyly said as she moved into the room and sat on the bed.

“Do you have any other injuries besides this shoulder of yours?” He made eye contact for a brief moment then looked at her shoulder.

“No sir, only my shoulder. I’m feeling a little better since Connor pulled it back into place.”

“Well then, if that’s the case, let’s just take a quick x-ray to make sure that Connor here did a good job putting you back together, shall we?” The doctor smiled gently at Daisy then looked across the room at Connor. “I understand from Coach Peggy that you being a Bailey means you can fill out Daisy’s paperwork. Is that correct?”

“Yes sir, I can do that.”

“Well then, while nurse Jones takes Daisy down to the x-ray room, why don’t you sit here and fill out the papers on this clipboard, and I will see about getting a prescription made for her. We’ll all meet back here in say… 15 or 20 minutes to look at the x-ray together. Sound good?”

Everyone nodded. Doctor Chimes exited in one direction and nurse Jones led Daisy out in another.

Andy and Maria were left to hover annoyingly over Connor’s shoulder as he filled out forms.

“Greene, Daisy, Raymond,” Andy smartly stated as he pointed to the name blank on the form. “Last name always goes first on these things.”

“Thanks Andy, but think I know her name.” Connor rolled his eyes as he reached into his back pocket for his wallet. “Give a guy some room man.” He stretched his arms displaying “his space” then pulled an insurance card from his wallet.

“She’s on your insurance?” Maria asked in a surprised tone.

“No, she’s on her grandparents insurance, but I carry her info in my wallet just like I do my own.” Connor began studiously filling in blanks.

“How come?” Maria plopped down on the side of the bed when she realized she wasn’t needed for filling out forms.

“Perhaps because our darling Dumbo is an accident magnet.” Andy smiled.

“We ARE talking about Daisy, aren’t we? She’s the most safety conscious girl I know, and quit calling her Dumbo, man, it’s annoying.” Connor gave Andy a look then moved on to Maria’s question, “Her situation is not like yours. Your parents are always close by to do everything for you. The Bailey guardianship thing falls into place when Joe and Rose travel. Me and Dad have to always be ready.” Connor returned to his form filling without another word.


At about the same time Connor finished up with the paper work, Daisy was escorted back into the room and Doctor Chimes returned.

Doctor Chimes held the x-ray up to the light and squinted at it for a second. Then he attached it to the screen on the wall and flipped the light on. The doctor got a kick out of how the teens gathered around him and stared at Daisy’s x-ray. “The future generation is looking pretty bright,” he thought to himself.

“Well Connor, it looks like you did a good job with setting her shoulder. If you end up in med school let me know.” Doctor Chimes glanced at Connor approvingly.

“Sure Doc, but I don’t think medicine is where I’m headed.”

“Is that so? Where are you headed then?”

“I’m gonna continue working with my Dad for right now. I have a few ideas about after high school, but I should tell my Dad about ’em before I start blab ‘in.”

“Nothing in the medical field?”

“No sir, nothing in the medical field.” Connor chuckled, a tiny bit embarrassed. He’d never once considered medicine as a career option.

“That’s too bad. I don’t know whether to say that’d be a waste or not. It depends on what you choose to do instead.” The doctor stared at Connor first then his eyes moved around the room to the other teens. It wasn’t a rude or unkind stare. He just stared in a fatherly sort of way as though he were trying to see the future. He wanted to encourage them to make wise choices, to be the very best that they could be. He wanted to tell them that they could do anything they set their mind to. The father in him wanted to bust out and say those things but the hospital just wasn’t the right place for it.

After a moment he shrugged and spoke again, “Just take this prescription to any drug store and you should be able to get it filled.” The doctor handed Connor a small slip of paper.

“Thank you.”

“In a few minutes, an intern will be in with a sling to put her arm in. After that is done you are good to go. You can pick up a copy of my report and the x-ray at the front desk when you drop off the clipboard and sign her out, okay?”

“Great,” Connor responded politely.

Doctor Chimes left Daisy and her friends waiting for the intern.


The intern walked proudly in with a pair of scissors and a sling. He looked down his thin nose at the teens clustered around Daisy’s bedside. “Does she have an extra shirt?” the intern asked briskly.

“Hey Maria,” Connor whispered. “Go back to the car and get Daisy’s bag. She’ll have a shirt in there.”

“Sure,” Maria raced out to retrieve the bag.

The intern turned back to Connor and Andy. “You guys can leave while I cut her shirt off.” He waved towards the door rudely.

“No way,” Daisy fired back at the young intern. “Connor and Andy are not going anywhere! And you are not touching me with those scissors either!”

“It’s my job to put the sling on you and that is how it is done, miss.” The intern glared back in an attempt to control the situation. He awkwardly moved towards Daisy.

Andy moved next to Connor to help him out saying, “You know, sir. we are about as close to family as she’s got. You should let us stay.”

Daisy shot her leg out over the bed railing and kicked the intern hard! “You stay away from me!” she yelled again,  “*#*#*#*#*#*#*#!!!!!”

“My God, Daisy! You cuss like a sailor! Cut it out! This is nothing to get so upset about!” Connor scolded trying to grab her leg and pull it back from the terrified intern!

Andy roared laughing.

“It’s not funny!” Connor shot across at Andy.

Daisy began whining miserably, “Connor, you can do it. Don’t let this weirdo intern touch me. Please!”

“Okay, okay. Sh, sh, don’t cry. Now stop kicking, sh, sh, sh.” He shushed her and held her and her legs for a moment calming her down gently. “You’d better let me do it,” Connor politely said to the shocked intern.

“No, you’re not relation. You are not even supposed to be in here. I am going to do it.” He stared defiantly at the pair.

Andy glared back. “You should get off the relation crap! We aren’t leaving!”

Daisy’s leg shot back out a second time and she kicked him a good one right in the gut! “You are not my relation either! Stupid intern! Get out! You are not going to touch me!” Daisy screamed hysterically as Connor scrambled to pull her leg back and Andy roared laughing at the show.

In total shock, the intern dropped the sling and scissors and ran out of the room.

Daisy cried into Connor’s chest and he held her again, legs and all. “Sh,sh,sh, he’s gone now. It’s okay, sh, sh,sh.” Connor began chuckling lightly. Andy’s laughing was starting to rub off on him. He chuckled into Daisy’s hair and kissed her head. “Shhhh, he’s gone. You’re safe. You can look up now.”

She peeked up and Connor smiled at her. “See, you scared him off!” Connor chuckled again.

Just then Maria ran back in with Daisy’s bag and threw it on the bed. “What happened to the intern? He’s running down the hallway like he saw a ghost.”

“He saw Dangerous Dumbo on the war path and took off like a big fat chicken!” Andy held his belly, laughing.

Connor shook his head at Andy. “This isn’t funny man, cut it out.”

“It is too! It’s hilarious!”

“Thanks Maria,” Connor said as he tried to hide the grin on his face. “I don’t think we need the scissors or a shirt now though.”

“You’re gonna do it, right?” Daisy whined.

“Yea, I’ll do it, but I don’t think we need scissors or a spare shirt is all.” He threw them back across the bed and grabbed the sling. He examined it briefly to see how it worked. Then he found the lever that made the railing of the bed drop. He pulled Daisy’s legs around to hang off the side of the bed between his knees. He took a good look at her face. “Now, you’re not going to kick me are you?” He smiled down at her and touched her cheek lightly.

“No.” She cracked a smile.

“And you aren’t gonna bite me either are you?” he continued playfully.

Daisy’s smile got bigger. “No.”

“Okay now, do you trust me?”

“I trust you.”

He moved her injured arm up a little higher. “Grab your opposite shoulder right here, and let go of your wrist.” He slid the sling up under her elbow and the straps over her head, tightening them slowly and carefully trying not to jiggle her too much. He stepped back to look at it. “How does that feel?”

“Perfect.” She smiled through her tears. “Thank you, Connor.” Her eyes sparkled with appreciation.

“No problem, babe.” He came close again, hugged her gently and kissed her head. “Now let’s see if we can get past the crazy intern and get you out of here.”

As they walked out of the room, Andy sighed dramatically. “I was sort of hoping for another fight, Dumbo. That guy was such a wimp though. No fight in him at all. At least Susan would have hit you back if Mark would have let her. That intern guy just ran for his life! We need to set you up with a real fighter!” Andy teased and poked Daisy bravely in the ribs.

Connor pushed Andy’s hand away. “Shut up, Andy,” he said it with a light smile because he was also amused by Daisy’s fire and spunk. He was glad that Daisy wouldn’t let the weirdo intern touch her. The only reason he had brought her to the hospital at all was for the x-ray and report. Otherwise, he could do everything else she needed at home himself. “No need for crazy interns with scissors,” he thought as they all strolled to the nurse’s station.

“We’re leaving now,” Connor announced as he handed over the clipboard to the first nurse he saw at the front desk. “I’ll need a copy of the doctor’s report and the x-ray please.”

The nurse handed him a large manila envelope. “Okay, just sign out and you can leave.” She pointed to the log book as the other nurses at the station eyed Daisy closely. They’d seen the intern run down the hall and were wondering what happened, but Daisy held a straight face just like a pro.

Andy leaned over and quietly whispered in Maria’s ear, “You gonna let me drive again Care-Bears?”

“The traumatic storm has passed, I can drive now,” Maria whispered back.

“Aw, man.” He draped his arm around his girl hoping some affection would soften her up, but it didn’t get him anything more than a peck on the cheek.

Connor signed the last piece of paper then followed Andy and Maria out with the manila envelope in his hand and his babe snuggled under his arm.


As they slowly walked back to Maria’s car they spotted Principal Murray’s 4WD Toyota Surf circling in the parking lot. His vehicle was always easy to spot because it was covered in sand and jam packed with scuba gear year round.

“What’s Principal Murray doing here?” Andy pointed to his Surf coming around the turn in front of them.

Principal Murray gave a quick wave when he saw them so they knew to wait. The principal was a  man who’d given his life to the school system. He was first a science teacher then a science department head then in later years, a principal.  He’d managed to maintain his love for kids and science by unannounced “pop ins”  to the science classes at Maxwell high. The students always loved his “pop-ins” because he would launch into wild ocean exploration tales that would blow the class schedule right out the window. The teachers, adjusted, to his “pop-ins” mostly because he was just too knowledgeable to be ignored and too kind to be hated. He was now a respected, middle aged, scuba loving, high school principal who preferred Marine Science to principal-ing.

“How did you get out of the hospital so fast? When my son broke his leg it took us all day to get out!” Principal Murray exclaimed as he climbed out of his sandy vehicle.

“Dumbo’s kick ‘in makes everybody move faster I suppose,” Andy mumbled quietly.

“Shhhhh.” Daisy gave Andy a subtle push then smiled at the principal. “Nothing’s broken so it went pretty quick.”

“Yea, that and they didn’t make us wait for them to key everything into the computer. They just let us go when we were done,” Connor added in.

“Dumbo is doing fine with us. Is there something you wanted?” Andy asked.

“I came down to give you a hand getting through the hospital ordeal but it looks like you don’t need any help.” He smiled sympathetically in Daisy’s direction. “How’s your left hook Miss Greene?”

“Much better now, thanks.” She smiled. “We were just on our way home.”

“It appears the doc has got you wrapped up nice and tight.” He took a look at the sling then to Connor who was holding the x-ray and doctor’s report. “If you don’t mind, may I take a look at the report?” Principal Murray held his hand out politely.

“I hope me pulling her arm back into place before we came to the hospital won’t end up giving Gary and Alison a way out of this mess. It was definitely dislocated when she fell,” Connor said with a worried tone.

“Well, let’s just take a look at what the doc said.” Principal Murray opened the report. “Torn tendons, serious bruising, swelling, road rash, pain killers prescribed, sling…6 to 8 weeks recovery time,” he mumbled various key words as he read through the report. “No son, this report plus the excellent TV footage of the fall itself should be enough.” He looked up at Connor’s concerned face. “Daisy would have been in a great deal of pain had you left her arm hanging, dislocated like that for the entire drive over here. You did the compassionate thing.” Principal Murray patted Connor’s arm. “All of you did a great job jumping to her assistance the way you did. I’m very proud of how well my Maxwell staff and students are behaving in this awful situation.”

“Are you headed back to the police station?” Andy asked.

“Yes, yes, I am. I had a minute to come check on Daisy because we were put on hold until the Adam family lawyer arrives.” He looked up to the sky and shook his head. “Hopefully things will start moving again by the time I get back.” He smiled at Daisy. “Now you go home and get some rest.”

“Yes sir.” Daisy smiled back.

Principal Murray hopped back into his sandy Surf and drove off.

Connor helped Daisy into the back seat of Maria’s car then he scooted in after her.

As they drove along, Maria was thinking hard and finally asked, “Connor, you know, at some point Daisy is going to need new clothes. How are we supposed to do that?”

“What’s the big rush? She can wait if she wants.” Connor pointed out the window. “Hey, stop at that drug store right there. Let me get this prescription filled. Then we can go home and eat and Daisy can take her medicine. That’ll make things a whole lot easier.”

“Good idea, I’m starving,” Maria agreed.

Connor smiled down at Daisy. “You hungry, babe?”


“Geez Connor, you shouldn’t be a doctor you should open a day care center! You are so good with the babies!” Andy joked.

“I’m not a baby, Andy!” Daisy kicked the back of his seat.

“Could have fooled me, man. A cranky baby too.” Andy loosened his seat belt to give himself a bit more room just in case Daisy decided to kick his chair again.

Connor put his arm around her and pulled her up close and whispered in her ear, “Yes, you are. You’re my baby, Daisy.” He laughed and kissed her cheek.

“That’s different,” Daisy whispered back.

“Here we are,” Maria announced.

Connor ran into the store with the prescription.

In a few minutes he ran back out. “Okay, let’s go to Daisy’s place and get some lunch.”


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