Chapter 32: Morning Mercy

The early morning light peeked shyly through the bedroom window, waking Daisy up first. She rolled over and blinked blankly into the sleeping face of Maria at her side. She rubbed her sore arm and sat up slowly, “Ow.” Her whole body ached from yesterday’s fall.

She heard faint bearlike rumblings coming up from the floor. “What the heck is that?” She looked down and saw Connor and Andy sprawled out in a pile of spare pillows and old army blankets, snoring away. Despite her aching arm, Daisy had no choice but to crack a smile at the snoring grizzlies below.

Andy, Connor and Maria had stayed up late, waiting for Davis to come home. They’d wanted another update on the Adams family but by the time Davis finally arrived home he was too tired for talking. He simply checked in on sleeping Daisy before retiring to his own bed exhausted. This caused Connor, Andy and Maria to resort to their own creative imaginations in regard to the courthouse outcome. They laid awake in Daisy’s room debating on the various possibilities until the wee hours of the morning. They now slumbered like hibernating bears all over her bedroom.

Daisy looked back down at Connor on the floor and decided she’d have to be insane to pass up the rare opportunity before her, so she quietly got out of bed and sat down next to him. She pulled his arm out from under his blanket and draped it across her lap. Forgetting her aching arm, she stared dreamily into his sleeping face.

He squirmed around in his mess of army blankets and opened his eyes.

“Hi,” she softly whispered.

“Hi,” he whispered back, happy to see her there. He wrapped his arm around her, pulled her closer and plopped his head in her lap so she couldn’t get away. Daisy repressed a giggle as she combed her fingers into the back of his hair. “Mmm, that feels nice,” murmured the contented grizzly.

She continued playing with his hair until he rolled over in her lap and stared up at her.

He gently took her hand and kissed it. Holding it against his cheek with a sleepy morning smile, he asked, “How are you feeling? Does your shoulder hurt?”

“I felt sore all over when I first woke up, but it’s not too bad now.” She smiled. “I am being pleasantly distracted right now. Did you sleep okay down here on the floor?”

“The floor is fine, but Andy talks too much. I think he talked the whole night. Did you hear him?”


Connor shut his eyes and rubbed her hand against his cheek and kissed it again.

A pillow flew across the room and hit Connor in the face.“I heard that, Connor! You talk too much yourself!” Andy defended himself.

Maria started giggling from Daisy’s bed.

Andy quickly redirected his attention to her. He crawled out of his blankets and up to the side of the bed. “Hey there, Care Bears, did you sleep okay?”

“Yep, like a baby.” She stretched. “What time is it? Do we have to get up yet?”

Andy looked over at the clock on Daisy’s table. “We probably do. It’s 7 a.m.” He kissed her good morning and smiled down at her sleepy face. “Are you  hungry?”

“Yea. What’s for breakfast?”

Andy turned towards Daisy. “Hey, is there anything for breakfast around here?”

Daisy thought a moment. “Um… there’s oatmeal, Pop Tarts, toast. Do you like any of those?”

Everyone said, “Pop Tarts,” at the same time.

“Pop Tarts it is then.” Daisy started to get up but Connor’s arms were still wrapped around her.

“No, you can’t go. I’m too comfortable here in your lap.” He held her tightly in place. “They can go get their own Pop Tarts. They don’t need you for that.” Connor grabbed Andy’s pillow and threw it back at him. “You guys go get your own Pop Tarts. Daisy is staying here with me.” He snuggled back down into her lap. “Mmmm.”

Maria and Andy wandered off to the kitchen to find the Pop Tarts while Connor continued to enjoy his new warm Daisy pillow for a while longer.

A quiet moment floated by like an ocean breeze,

Barely a sound, save the distant sea.

Filling his lungs with warm humidity,

And refreshing his soul with tranquility.

Giving new strength, as he lay in the lap, of his girl Daisy

Another quiet moment floated by contentedly.

“Should we get dressed?” Connor asked lazily. He didn’t really want to move from his cozy spot but the time was passing by. “We can’t afford to be late to the court house.”

“I guess not.”

He sat up, stretched his arms into the air and yawned grizzly style. It was the same kind of yawn that he had often done into the phone for Daisy’s amusement.

She scratched his back and smiled. “It sounds different when you do that in person.”

“Oh yea?” He jumped up and held his hand out. “Come on girl.” She took his hand and he pulled her to her feet quick as a flash.

Connor was already wearing blue jeans so all he needed was to put on a shirt. He’d brought a blue and white plaid, long sleeve, dress shirt over last night. He grabbed it from the back of the desk chair and slipped it on. Buttoning it up quickly, he walked over to Daisy’s closet. “What do you want to wear?”

She looked at the shirt he was wearing. It looked really nice with the silver, star chain around his neck. She pulled out a similar style shirt. It was blue and white as well but it had more white in it than his shirt did and thin silver threads running through it. “This one.” She pulled it out triumphantly.

“Okay, let’s get that on you.”

Daisy was already wearing blue jeans and a white undershirt with lace at the top, all she needed was the plaid over shirt. Connor carefully took off Daisy’s sling and slid the blouse on and buttoned it up just to the place where the lace trim was. Then he slid the sling back under her arm and adjusted the straps again. He found their shoes and socks and put them all on.

“Did we get everything?” he lightly questioned.

“My hair, Connor. Look at my hair. I can’t go like this,” Daisy moaned.

He put both his hands on her head and rubbed her hair all around playfully. “Oh yea, we can’t forget your hair,” he teased. “Sit down and I will get those hamsters out of there, pronto.” Pulling out the desk chair, he motioned for her to sit. “I like that clip thingy. Where’s that?”

“It’s on the table by the bed over there.” Daisy pointed with her good arm.

He grabbed it and the brush. He brushed her hair out then twisted it up and clipped it. “How’s that?” He looked at her admiringly.

“Perfect.” She smiled. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, babe.” He leaned down and kissed her gently.

“Ummm… are you gonna brush your hair?” Daisy gave him a funny look.

“No, I wasn’t,” he chuckled. “Isn’t bed head the new look for guys?”

“Yuck, bed head isn’t you.” She laughed as she tried to comb a frizzy spot out of his hair with her fingers. “Let’s switch places,” she suggested.

He handed her the brush and sat in her spot. He held her hips affectionately as she stood in front of him and brushed out his hair with her good arm.

When she was finished, he carefully laid his head on her chest, next to her injured arm and gave her the softest hug she’d ever had in her life. “I love you so much, Daisy girl. I’m glad you feel better. I hope all that crap yesterday at the table about Susan didn’t bother you. I’m an absolute iceberg with her now, honest.”

Daisy scratched slow circles around on his back and kissed his head in return. “I know. How else could you end up with the nickname ‘Brush off Master’.” She giggled lightly at the name.

“So, we’re good? I don’t need to uuh… explain any of my crap?”

“Exactly how much crap are we talk ’in about here?”

“Enough to make me nervous.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

“No, not really. I mean… it’s not that I won’t tell you if you ask me to, but I uh, don’t really want to. It’s humiliating.”

“Did anything happen after I caught you two at Jeremiah’s party?”

“No, babe. Everything happened before you came to Maxwell. I’ve been cold as ice ever since Jeremiah’s party, honest.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I have a pretty good idea of what went on. I don’t need to know all the gory details in order to forgive you. I’m good. Unless, of course, you still have some kind of feelings for her.” She looked down at his face with concern. “Do you?”

“No, Babe. Not a feeling in me anywhere for her. Never was either. That’s what makes it so bad. I never cared a lick about her and she knows it too. That’s why I’m always a little paranoid. I’m afraid she’s gonna say something nasty about me to Maria and Maria is gonna tell you.” He nestled his head against her and hugged her again, not wanting to let her go.

“Well, too late for that one. Susan seems to enjoy making sure I’m informed,” Daisy mumbled sarcastically.

“Oh,” he moaned. “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to constantly apologize for the same thing. I forgave you the first time. God forgives you too so it’s okay for you to lay down all this fear and paranoia about your sins being discovered and move on. If Susan makes a nasty comment, which on occasion she does, I’ll just tell her to bug off. I’m not afraid of her or her stupid comments.”

“Oh, God,” he mumbled, so thankful she was able to let it go. “Thank you.” He held her there in the quiet of the morning with the early light peeking through the curtains of her bedroom window and sighed contentedly. They drifted peacefully into their own private world, where only love existed. Their love leapt forward in that one secret moment, alone in Daisy’s room, in a way that only their own hearts would notice. Connor slowly looked up into Daisy’s face. He could see love’s leap in her eyes. She bent her head to meet his lips and they kissed softly.


Love’s Bloom

Passing time feels like a simple breath

When in a lovers caress

A brush of the cheek

A whisper in the ear

A forgiving smile

Causing time to abruptly halt in its step

And give respect

To loving eyes that see through mess

To hearts that keep no count of shipwrecks

To the sweet way that lovers do bless

And grow together in divine oneness



Andy and Maria burst into the room looking for their clothes to get dressed. They had finished breakfast and were chattering energetically about what they thought might happen at the court house. They asked Connor what he thought several times, but when no answer was heard they turned to stare at him blankly.

He was still lost in his kiss with Daisy and too busy to be concerned with the presence of Andy or Maria in the room.

Andy roared laughing and threw pillows at Connor, but he could not break into Connor’s world. Not until he hit Daisy by accident with one of the pillows. Daisy giggled and Connor finally opened his eyes and looked up into Daisy’s laughing face with a serene smile. He stood up and stretched. “I’ll find our jackets, babe,” is all he said as he strolled out of the room.

Andy looked at the girls blankly. “What’s with him?”

Daisy smiled shyly and began picking up all the things that Andy had been throwing at them from around the room, putting them back in the places that they belonged.

Maria smiled to herself as she searched the room for her bag. It was obvious to her what had been going on.

What?” Andy threw his hands up in the air with frustration. “Do we all have to stop our life every time Connor gets a kiss from his girl?” Andy shook his head dramatically at the absurd thought. “No way, Connor! The whole entire world doesn’t stop every time you get a stupid kiss, man!” Andy yelled down the hall after Connor.

            “Oh yes it does! The whole world stops!” Connor yelled back down the hallway with a big laugh.

Andy turned back to the girls, “Man, can you believe that guy?” He wagged his head in disbelief. “What a love sick puppy. Don’t you get sick of him drooling all over you, Dumbo?”

Daisy decided to skip Andy’s question and simply said, “While you guys get dressed, I’m going to the kitchen to get a Pop Tart.”

“Okay, we’ll be out in a minute.”


Daisy went to the kitchen and poured her usual two glasses of water. She drank them slowly as she looked at the mess Andy and Maria had made in the kitchen. “How can a person make such a mess eating Pop Tarts?” she thought to herself as she put things away. She found a new box of Pop Tarts and pulled two packs from the box, one for her and one for Connor. “He must have gone back to his place looking for a jacket,” she decided to herself.

Andy and Maria came out to the front room and exclaimed, “We’re ready to go!” They plopped down in chairs at the dining room table to wait for Connor and Daisy.

Daisy came out ready with her Pop Tarts in hand. “I can eat in the car if we are all ready.”

Connor came back in the front door. “I found our jackets.” He was wearing his regular blue jean jacket but also holding out a smaller jacket for her. “Look Daisy, this is my old blue jean jacket. It’s too small for me now. I found it in the spare closet. Try it on and see if it fits.” He slid her good arm into one sleeves and then propped the shoulder part on her other shoulder. He buttoned it up and stepped back to take a look. “Perfect.” He smiled.

“Now we match,” she smiled, very happy with the situation.

“Yep.” He smiled because she did and they were off to the court house.


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