New Roads to Run and Soup

Dear friends of daisydesk,

I ran down a different road this morning. I’d noticed this road a while back because of it’s smooth rolling hill appearance. It is very enticing, don’t you think so?


Can’t you hear this road whispering, “Come run me”


A good part of the road is shaded by trees.


There are well kept yards and flowers

I ran by this “delicate purple something”


And of course, my all time favorite, the Daisy, was there. So this road is definately my new favorite.

I ran a total of 5.83 miles in an hour and 15 minutes. I made a few stops here and there for traffic and photo taking but otherwise ran straight through. The heat did not get to me this time. I’m picking shadier spots for my runs and drinking an outrageous amount of water these days. Speaking of water, I’d like to change the subject a bit and say something about that……

I came across a really nice site recently. It has lots of interesting recipes and cooking ideas. I found a soup recipe on it that I especially liked.

It is important to drink a lot as the weather gets hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter……………….


My 8 year old son and I knocked off 2 liters of water a day. Plus other random drinks, not shown here, that we buy when we’re out and about.

I drink water but…..sometimes I just get tired of it and look for other ways to keep myself hydrated. Fruit is one way……soup is another……maybe you know a few more ways.

I enjoy running but if I don’t keep my fluid intake high ….. the joy evaporated in the sweltering heat and I’m a pile of ash blowing in the summer wind.

Okay perhaps that’s a tad dramatic but still, who needs it, right?

I’d like to run strong, through this entire summer. I’m betting  you would too.

The next chapter of Daisy and Connor’s World is almost ready and will be posted soon. While you wait let’s have some soup 🙂 Take care, Julia

S hady running paths

O utrageous water intake

U nique sights

P erfect run

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8 Responses to New Roads to Run and Soup

  1. That road does look very enticing. Wish I could run there. I’m always looking for new recipes to try, so I will definitely check out that website. 🙂 Have a great day! -Ara

  2. daisydesk says:

    Hey Ara, thanks for stopping by. Hope you like the soup 🙂

  3. elizathon says:

    that’s a lot of water you two drank. Love the pics…the new route looks very nice.

  4. julia french says:

    I get my drinking water from a machine at the grocery store. That’s why I am up on how much we drink. Between Timmy’s soccer club and my running, we chug water like there’s no tomorrow.

  5. kelly kaup says:

    That looks like a beautiful road to run on! Wish I were there to take a walk with you.

  6. daisydesk says:

    Oh I’m so glad you like it there. How’s the little singer doing? I miss her. 🙂

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