Summer Runs and Tea

Dear Friends,

O-Kay, I’m just going to state the obvious, “It’s hot!” And I’m still looking for ways to beat the heat and keep on running. I am determined to run through the entire summer, absolutely no quitting over here.

You know the old saying, “Quitters never win and winners never quit”

There has got to be a way to successfully run through the hot months without falling apart.

This morning, I ran a medium size neighborhood circle. Part of the run was down by the river. It was very shady and cool there. Then I turned onto the highway. And with all the wind that the rushing traffic produces, the highway part of my run wasn’t too bad either. But the rest of the run, oh geez were…….HOT, HOT, HOT! I came home sweating buckets! Even after my shower, I was still sweating buckets!

I did a 4.50 mile run in 50 minutes. According to dailymile, that’s about an 11 minute pace. For now, I’m happy with that.

So far, I have finished one, 2000ml bottle of water since this morning. The day is not over yet, I’m sure I will be working on my second bottle pretty soon.

I’ve made some tea with part of that water…….

After running I went to the 100 yen shop and bought some cute tea cups.


Aren’t they cute? Just 100 yen each, which is around 1 dollar each.


I hung them over my sink with hooks.

The idea to make tea came from another blog site that I read recently. It shows you how to make fresh tea with home grown tea leaves.

This site inspired me to make tea, but I didn’t make mine with fresh leaves. I just bought a box of Mint tea bags and made some in a new cup.


Mint tea in a new cup, yeah 🙂

Another thing I sometimes make, is grape ice cubs. I put the grapes, skins and seeds into a blender. I’ve read that grape seeds are good from your brain, so I eat them too. Anyway, I blend them all up and pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it. It makes a nice cold snack. My son is crazy about them.


Blend the whole grape, seeds and all. Then freeze it in ice cube trays.

In closing, I just need to add that, Connor is still in the hospital. He is going home soon but I haven’t finished his ‘going home’ chapter. Well what I did was…. I split it into 2 chapters and I’m not yet completely happy with them. Please bare with me, he does go home, just not today.

Take a run, have some tea, Daisy is ready with her get-away-car…. but Connor bless his heart, is still on the mend for another week 😦 Julia French

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4 Responses to Summer Runs and Tea

  1. The tea cups are really cute.

  2. I love those little tea cups. Super cute.

    As for keeping cool while running during the summer…it’s tough. I have to map my runs around public parks or by friends/families houses that I know I can stop in & get more water. I drink ALOT while on my runs. And if I ever have a chance, I just pour water over my head and that helps keep me cool. Good luck with the summer running.

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