Recent Cat Troubles

I’ve been having some trouble with my beloved pet cats, Meow-Meow and Smokey, recently.


Meow-Meow, my male cat, his leg swelled to an unbelievable size. He couldn’t walk on it and became VERY GRUMPY.

I thought perhaps he’d been nicked by a car or something so I took him to the vet.
But the vet said, “No, a car didn’t do it. Has he been fighting?”
“Oh yes” I said “He fights all the time.”
The vet then explained, that it was his thought, that Meow-Meow was scratched up and bitten by a sick cat.
His wounds closed up quickly but there was infection trapped inside, thus the swelling and pain. Of course, Meow-Meow put up a gigantic (embarrassing) fight about it, but in the end, the doctor won and managed to give him antibiotic and pain med shots.
That’s not the worst of it though, the worst part is that he can no longer go outside. (no more fighting for you bud)
So he’s been limping around, grumpy as can be, howling at all the doors and windows, wanting outside, like there is no tomorrow.
I took him back to the vets the other day for an update check up. I told the doctor he wasn’t any better. And asked if there was more that could be done for him?
The vet smiled and said, “It’s only been 4 days Julia. What I gave him will do the job, just wait a while longer.”
Frankly, I was shocked that it had only been 4 days. It seemed like forever!
I don’t know how people turn cats into ‘only indoor’ creatures.
It seems so un-natural to me. Plus they LIKE going outside.
Who the heck wants to stay inside everyday of the year, all day long? Not me, that’s for sure.


My female cat, Smokey, has been under the weather too but for a different reason entirely.

The heat causes her to shed, which is normal. But her being the prissy older female that she is, she over grooms.
She ended up with a bald spot on her side, then she licked the tar out of it until it bled and got infected. So she’s on meds. (pills for her) Which I have to shove down her throat every morning, with the hopes that I can keep my fingers. (She also can’t go outside.)
Meow-Meow howled all night long and clawed at the screens that cover my windows. Of course, I had to get out of bed and stop him every time he did it. Because he could tear the screens up if he were to continue.
I went to prayer meeting. When I got home I found that a screen was open and Meow-Meow was gone. (Grrrrrr…..He figured out how to open the screens.) I hope the neighborhood cats are watching their backs because Meow-Meow has broken out of jail.
Smokey was sitting in the house, pretty as you please, waiting breakfast. She’s fine.
I’ll just have to nab Meow-Meow when he comes home for dinner. I hope he’s enjoying himself because once I catch him, he’s finished!

Meow-Meow guarding the front door.

Smokey babysitting

Dear Readers,
I have been running a lot. You’ll find my running, as always, on Dailymile.
I have also been writing a lot. The next chapter of Daisy and Connor’s World, entitled Maria’s Secret, is in the make. You’ll find it right here on daisydesk in another week.
Please come back soon, Julia French
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6 Responses to Recent Cat Troubles

  1. Wow! Sounds like you have definitely had your hands full! I hope both of your cats get to feeling better soon. Oddly enough as it sounds, my cat is afraid of being outside. So, we never have to worry about him getting out.

    • daisydesk says:

      Really…… even cats have their own unique personalities, I guess. You’re smart to keep yours inside. It is safer that way. Smokey is ok with it. Meow-Meow, he’s a tough one.

  2. elizathon says:

    Oh that Meow Meow! What a naughty kitty!

  3. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Ahh, I hope things turn out well. >^..^<

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