Running all over the place…..

Dear friends,

I had another great run today. It wasn’t all that fast, nor was it super long. But it was a fun run that I took pictures of. I’d like to share it with you……..

I started from home of course, then ran straight down the highway. I came across some pretty flowers along the way.

This type of flower is all over Okinawa but it is usually red. This is the first white one I’ve ever seen.

I turned off the highway and ran a short distance to Pottery Circle. This is a circular road where several pottery shops (and one glass shop) are located. You can buy unique handmade items or simply watch the craftsmen in action, whichever you prefer.

I prefer to just run it. The air is clean. The road is wide with very little traffic, if any at all. There is a big parking lot at the entrance of the road. People park there and walk through this area. It is perfect for running.

Nice wide space, yea!

Making glass items

I ran by this glass making place. It is soooooo-soooooo hot in here. These guys (and gals) work every day in the open heat, making glass things. (I wonder how much water THEY drink)

Sun baking clay items

This is one of the pottery places I ran by. They set things in the sun to dry them out. But they also have really cool (actually hot) kilns. I took a little pit stop and ran inside one just to check it out. They look like this inside.

Inside a pottery kiln

Then I turned back and ran through one of the shops. One young lady gave me permission to take a picture of her at work. She is smoothing out the rims of these Ocha cups.

After running through this shop I ran up a pretty good-sized incline and came to another shop that had some coffee cups I really like. They were turquoise with tiny raised stars inside them. Too bad I only had a few coins in my shoe for water or I might have bought one.

Can you see the stars inside them? They are very tiny.

Matching plates with tiny raised stars on them.

Well, perhaps it looks like dust from this distance but it is not dust. It’s very tiny little stars. Up close they are very cute. Anyway…. the owner of this shop came out and asking me about my running. So I stayed and chatted a bit. He had a really cool garden with a hug Rose Mary bush in it.

Rose Mary has a really refreshing smell to it.

He snipped off a piece of Rose Mary, for me to take home. On and off, I smelled it as I ran home. This might sound weird but….. the pungent odor really helped keep me alert when the heat started to get to my head.

I ran back out to the highway and stayed with it until the river. I turned at the river and ran a short distance along it. Then I hit Rolling Hills Road. I was shocked to find all the trees along this road pruned severely. Poor trees 😦 from there I ran back up to the highway and home again. It was 7.79 miles altogether. I made too many stops along the way to have a pace worth bragging about but I truly enjoyed this run and hope to do it again in the future.

In closing I want to post one last photo. It is of a delicate pink tree bloom that I came across as I ran. I don’t know what kind of bloom it is but have you ever seen anything like it?

Well folks, that’s it for my run today. I’m still working on chapter 40 of Daisy and Connor’s World. When it is ready, I’ll post it ASAP for you. Just as a small little side tip, for those of you who like running…… The previous chapter, chapter 39.5, has some really cool running and running poetry in it. Make sure you’ve read it before chapter 40 gets posted. I really liked that chapter.

Keep running, Julia French 

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4 Responses to Running all over the place…..

  1. elizathon says:

    hmmm. that is an interesting pink flower. Did it have a smell? The pottery and kilns are neat. I also really like the smell of rosemary. I tried to grow it but apparently chipmunks like it too and keep digging up the sprouts each time they surface. Phewy! They also like to dig around in the parsley, but leave the thyme and oregano alone. I enjoyed ch. 39.5!

    • daisydesk says:

      Your garden sounds like a great meeting place for all the little critters 🙂 I’m surprised that they go for rosemary though. Such a strong smell. As far as the pink flower goes, sorry, it did not have a smell.

  2. That sounds like an awesome run! I think pottery is such an art. I helped a special needs student in her pottery class when I was in high school…it’s harder than you’d think…at least for me. Those dishes are SUPER cute. I could see the little raised stars.

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