Family Time Run

My husband took our son and I to Hichigahama park for a little family recreation. He kicked the soccer ball around with Tim, while I ran. We had a great time together!

Many of the pathways were covered with pine needles.

The park was hilly and the pine needles were slippery, but as you can see, the trees were huge and shady so it all balanced out to make a good place to run.

There was a shallow pond to run around. In this part of the park there was no real pathway. Someone had gone through with a weed eater before our visit. (kind of a hit-and-miss weed eating job) I basically just followed the weed eater trail.


Here I am, chugging along the side of the pond.

The bridge was cute but there wasn’t much water underneath it.

Tim came across some huge bees.

Odd looking short trees.

Baby birds stashed in the light fixture of a pubic bathroom.

I zig-zagged all over the park for 30 minutes or so. I’m guessing it was about 2 miles. My husband was playing with Tim of course, but he couldn’t help hollering at me from time to time. “Come on babe, go that way! No, not that way! THAT way!” He’d point here and there and then holler some more, “Faster, faster, come on faster!”

I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t run fast at all. Too many stops and starts…. I had to keep turning back to find out what he was saying. It was really very funny, I enjoyed the whole day immensely. We all did. Julia French

Dear Daisy and Connor’s World friends, The next chapter is not ready yet. I fixed it, then still didn’t like it, so I’m trashing the whole chapter and starting over. I’m sorry for the delay…it’s coming… really it is….

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3 Responses to Family Time Run

  1. elizathon says:

    Awwwww….the birdies are cute. You can see their wee little heads sticking up. The park looks pretty. Very Japanese-y! I like those kinds of meandering runs. There is a preserve like that near my house that has horse trails…it’s very hilly and I just kinda meander around running up and down the hills and following the horse trails. I never really know how far I go, and it doesn’t really matter.

  2. What a beautiful park. Great run Julia!

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