Nutrition for the Brave

The Effects of Nutrition When Battling Cancer By Jillian Mc Kee

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Most cancer patients receive exceptionally stressful treatments, that put tremendous strain on their bodies. Therefore, it is important that individuals who are battling cancer maintain good nutrition to increase their chances of survival and combat the symptoms associated with cancer.

While proper nutrition is not a cure, it has been well documented that a healthy diet combined with exercise can prevent cancer from recurring and can mitigate various symptoms associated with cancer.

A good place to start in establishing a healthy diet is understanding the foods that you should stay clear of.

Cancer needs glucose to survive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose when metabolized, creating a perfect environment for cancer. Therefore, it is important not to focus on carbohydrates. Additionally, try small amounts of vitamin C throughout the day. When cancer cells are starved of glucose, they attempt to absorb it in other ways. This increases vitamin C is absorption; a vitamin toxic to the cancer cells.

Growing a vegetable garden will increase the vitamins and minerals in your diet, while providing exercise at the same time. Exercise is extremely important in fighting cancer because it reduces blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and toxins. Studies have proven the efficacy of lowering insulin levels and toxins in the struggle for recovery. Additionally, patients who consistently consume fresh fruits and vegetables tend to live longer than those who don’t.

Another food category that cancer patients should avoid is fortified foods. Although it sounds like it has health benefits, it doesn’t. Fortified foods have low quality vitamins that are impossible for the body to use. These same foods include ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, refined sodium and sugars, and chemical preservatives. All should avoid these artificial ingredients that decrease your health.

Refined vegetable oils such as soybean, corn, and canola oils are something that you should avoid at all costs. These oils have no nutritional value and spoil quickly. Oftentimes, these oils are already rancid by the time you purchase them. Scientific studies have proven that rancid fats contribute to cellular breakdown, inflammation, and free radical cell formation, which all contribute to cancer.

The principles of a cancer inhibiting diet are simply stated by, The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, are as follows: “high fiber, high enzyme diet, low fat, low animal protein, with 20 percent acid forming foods and 80 percent alkaline forming foods, eliminating over processed, overheated, chemically adulterated foods.”

Eliminate these foods from your diet: -Refined sugar -White flour -White rice -Milk -Refined salts -Foods with additives and drugs -Pain relievers, antacids, cough and cold medicines.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the best thing for cancer patients, including mesothelioma cancer patients, to consume. Cancer experts say that a patient’s diet should range anywhere from 50 percent to as much as 70 percent in raw food. Eat only when you are hungry and try to buy as many organic products as you can, preferably fresh, organic, crisp vegetables.

Diet is a major part of overcoming cancer; once you mastered your diet, you will have a much better chance at fighting, and possibly beating, your cancer.


Dear daisydesk readers, Chapter 42 of Daisy and Connor’s World is ready for posting but….. when I came across Jillian Mc Kee’s article, I felt I needed to to post her positive encouragement first.

Our health is so important. We need to do our best to maintain it. Why wait until we’re sick, to take care of ourselves? Why don’t we just take care of ourselves and never be sick? How about that? Let’s make that our goal, now. Instead of waiting until later?

In all honesty however, I have to admit….. that even though I think I’m doing pretty good in the exercise department…… my eating is well….. how shall I say this? Hit and miss.

I eat a lot of veggies, yes. BUT I eat a lot of crap too. Soooooooo, there is space for improvement.

What am I going to do about it?

Buy better health insurance? Uhhhh….. no.

Get matching grave plots with my sweet hubby? Uhhhhh…. double no.

Launch an attack on sugar! YEA!

Step one in my plan is: no more sugar in my coffee. I drink coffee no matter how nasty it tastes anyway….. so cancelling the sugar shouldn’t be a terribly hard first step. 

Step two: encourage right eating in my son’s life by, being a good example and reducing junk food intake around the house.

Step three: make sure that Connor and Daisy (The main characters of Daisy and Connor’s World) Are also encouraging right eating. Those of you who read the story might remember, that Connor gave up bad eating and drinking habits. It has only been mentioned a few times but…… it is a part of who they are. We’ll just keep that up.

Please stop in again real soon and catch chapter 42 of Daisy and Connor’s World. It’s the Merrillville cross country meet, don’t forget. Have a great day, Julia French

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  2. Kelly says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing

  3. Julia French says:

    Jillian Mc Kee just came right out of the blue with her article. I thought it was very good.

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