Sept.10-14 Reflections

Hey everybody, It is my hope that you come to my site in a happy mood but if not….. perhaps you will be a little happier by the end of this post…….

Photo of the week:

Toguchi Park Thursday Evening

Monday–> Morning run 4.5 miles in 51 minutes

Tuesday–> Morning run 5.28 miles in 59 minutes

Wednesday–> Morning run 3.39 miles in 39 minutes

Thursday–> I ran to Toguchi Park. (maybe 3 miles) It was a beautiful night. Photos are from this run.

Friday–> Morning run 5.28 miles in 58 minutes.

I liked this photo because of the couple off to one side and also because of the unusual cloud formations.

Again the clouds, aren’t they cool looking? Those guys in the center had poles that they moved around with…. they weren’t surfing but I sort of like’em in the photo.

The water was so peaceful and the guys out there were just floating around, chatting and enjoying the evening. Yet over head are these amazing clouds. I understand these clouds are supposed to be storm clouds. It is an interesting contrast, I think.

Amazing clouds

There was a grandpa and a little granddaughter eating a bag of popcorn near me. Those two chatted the whole time I was there. Made me smile to hear them.

Now as far as my eating goes, I have managed to maintain my new rule of not adding sugar Β to anything. Plus, I have not bought any junk food. But one day a friend brought a cake over…. I did eat a piece of her cake on that day.

I’m still working on adding more vegetables to my table. One thing that I like a lot and so does my husband is Okra. I don’t cut it up though. I briefly boil it WHOLE in salt water then drain it and put it in the frig. When it is ice cold, I add Tuna to it. if you can’t find the very,very good Tuna then switch to that flaked chicken but DO NOT use the yucky Tuna.

Cold Okra with Tuna (or flaked chicken if you prefer)

The new verse of the week is James 3:9-10

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father and with it we curse men,

who have been made in God’s likeness.

My brothers, this should not be.

Keeping my mouth in good shape is a 24/7 job. It takes more attention than diet and exercise put together. That, “My brothers this should not be.” kinda echos in my ear sometimes. It really, should not be but….. sometimes it is…… I still have a long way to go in learning to reflect Him.

Ya know, the sun sets behind my house so I can’t see it real well. Not from my house anyway. But there is this building in front of my house that has been newly painted. The owners also lined parts of it with white tile. When the sun sets behind my house, it shines on this building. And this building puts off a magnificent shine, in the direction of my front door. So I get the benefit of the sunset because of the reflection.

The reflection of the sunset from a newly painted building in front of my house.

The other houses aren’t much to look at…. but that one on the end…. I look at it every evening. It makes a great reflection, yes?

As far as Daisy and Connor’s World goes, I’ve moved on to chapter 44 Daisy’s Birthday. I’m happy with the progress that I’ve been making but still…. it’s not post-able.

So for now, please enjoy my photos and running. Daisy and Connor will run again just as soon as I get it written up right. Until then, have a great week. Julia French

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8 Responses to Sept.10-14 Reflections

  1. elizathon says:

    Hmmmm. Don’t use the yucky tuna? But I LOVE yucky tuna! It’s so yuckilicious! haha j/k I don’t actually like yucky tuna. Only the good tuna. yep. No one around here in Pennsylvania knows what okra is. I can’t even find okra pickles! The only kind of okra I can find is the frozen kind that is chopped up. 😦 wahhhhhhhhhh!!! Maybe I should try growing it myself one summer.

  2. hidenori french says:

    Hey Liz, how about some fish head soup?

  3. That okra dish looks really good. Sadly, like Elizabeth, I can only find frozen okra here. 😦 I wonder if I could find okra at the Farmer’s Market? Hmmm… Anywho…those pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I love how close you are to the ocean.

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