Mistakes and Things Oct. 8-13

Photo of the week:

Candle holder on my desk.

To all my exercise buddies out there, I had quite a learning experience recently.

Things started off normal enough, my Monday workout was a simple 5 mile run. Nothing unusual but……

Tuesday I stayed home. This is where the trouble came. I did the 32 minute Swiss Ball Workout, 3 times. Once in the early morning, then later on I did it again around noon, then again at the end of the day around 5 o’clock. Now, I felt fine when I did it. I was even happy with myself for doing it. But I wasn’t following instructions. I’m supposed to spread it out over a whole week period, doing it every other day. But I was getting the hang of it and just thought I could do more in one shot. (stupid me) Why I feel I need to rush things, I’ll never know but that’s what I did and I paid for it the next day.

When Wednesday came along, I realized why you’re not supposed to do that workout 3 times in a day. I went out for a run but I was so sore. The back of my legs ached. I even tripped once because I wasn’t picking up my legs up high enough. I wanted to run 6 but I cut it short to  3. I was pretty bummed about it so later on in the afternoon, I went out again and did another 3 miles to equal 6 for the whole day. So I ended up with a split-shift, two 3 mile runs in one day. The back of my legs were super sore on both runs.

I just want to insert this one thought—> The Swiss Ball Workout I’ve been doing is considered an Abs workout. Increasing the strength and mobility of the core. However, It was not my Abs that were sore, it was my hamstrings, the back of my legs.

You can do whatever you want with that thought. As I’ve said before, I’m not a health professional. I’m not even an athletic person. I’m just trying to be healthy and this is a record of my experience.

When Thursday came, I was fine but did not want to do any core stuff. I just took off down the highway as far as the shopping area. I turned and ran through the flower shop to the Seawall. I ran the Seawall home. It was a 6.7 mile circle. Along the seawall, the tide was low, showing the coral underneath. The water was peaceful and calm. A lovely run all around with no problems at all.

Once I stopped running though, I could hardly move. When I ran I felt fine but when I stopped I was not fine. Is that normal? I don’t know, but that’s what happened.

I decided my legs needed a little TLC so I went here:

Aroma Club in Aeon Town

There are several different kinds of messages that you can get here. I got the foot and calf massage.

They called it Foot Reflexology. It is supposed to help with blood circulation and organ malfunctions. I don’t have either one of those problems. (Praise God) But it’s a pamper thing and my feet and calves loved it.

My upper legs were not massaged. I know that is where I said the discomfort was but I didn’t want anybody massaging me there so I didn’t request it. Hamstrings remained untouched but still I felt better overall after the calf/foot massage.

Friday morning I caught up with a friend and we ran a 3 miler together. It was a windy morning and very refreshing. Not a pain anywhere. 🙂 before or after the run.

As far as my eating goes, not too-too bad. (I could have done better) I slipped a few times when out. But I have stuck to my diet when at home.

The food item for this post is:


I understand from my mother’s cousin’s sister’s husband’s grandmother that….. Blueberries are good for your eyes.

You can take it or leave it. I’ve only heard it down through the years.

But one thing I know for sure, they are great in smoothies, on ice cream, oatmeal, yogurt, or mixed with other fruits in a dish. They are good. My son will eat them frozen, right out of the bag.

Last night for dinner I made fried rice. In the past, I have always used diced spam in my fried rice. Now that spam is an outlawed food item, I had to make a change. I made last nights fried rice with flaked Salmon. (Not canned but fresh Salmon that I cooked and flaked myself) It turned out really good.

My dinner

Fried Rice: Diced onion and bell pepper, grated carrot, and flaked Salmon, stir fried together with a little olive oil and soy sauce. Once those things were cooked, I added the rice to it.

Dessert:  A pear-apple with blueberries on top.

Later on in the evening I drank a cup of hot Blueberry Tea. It is called Sweet Temptations Tea but the flavor is Blueberry. It goes great with a late night movies and husbands. 🙂

Saturday morning I took a walk around the neighborhood. I love to see the flowers that people plant in their yards. These are some flowers that I saw against the side of someones home, while walking.

Until next time, take care of yourself, Julia French

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4 Responses to Mistakes and Things Oct. 8-13

  1. elizathon says:

    I just cant believe there is someone out there who still eats Spam!! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…I’m just saying. Sorry about all the pain last week. I think the “If 1 a day is good for you, 3 a day must be great for you” rule definitely does not apply when it comes to Swiss ball workouts!! Hope you are feeling much better now. By the way, I heard from our mother’s cousin’s sister’s husband’s grandmother that blueberries have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and thus are good to eat after a tough workout! xoxoxo

    • daisydesk says:

      Yes, I’m sorry to say, me and spam have had a rather messy break up. I just can’t eat it any more. 😦 oh well, at least our mother’s cousin’s aunt’s sister says Blueberries are A-O-kay.

  2. I’ve done long runs where it’s less painful to run than it is to stop & walk, so I know what you mean there. Upping your workouts is definitely a learning experience. I’ve upped workouts too fast too and man am I stiff and in pain. 🙂 I love blueberries. They’re delicious to mix in with anything.

    • daisydesk says:

      I would have expected the pain to be during the run, not after. It surprised me when it was the other way around. Since it happens to others, I guess it is normal. Thanks Ara 🙂

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