Dumplings vs. Chocolate

The holiday season is here and I have been nibbling sweets. I don’t really want to but this time of year, it’s just everywhere. I thought I was strong but evidently not strong enough. A couple of days back I ate chocolate then ran 7 miles. Of course eating chocolate doesn’t stop me from running. I just toot Christmas carols the whole way, that’s all. I love Christmas carols but I don’t want to toot them so I’m going to remember that running experience and do my best to avoid the circumstances that brought on the symphony.

I can eat

homemade chicken soup with dumplings


First I added 2 boxes of bullion cubs to boiling water.

Next I diced and added 1 large yellow onion, 3 carrots, 2 potatoes and 1 chicken breast.

Once these things were cooked, the dumplings were added last.

Dumplings are made of 1 egg, soy-milk and flour, rolled into small spoon-sized balls.



This is not a special diet meal, it is/was my dinner.

Why am I posting it?

Hot fluid, high carbs and veggies are all things I can eat. They help me run. They do not give me gas.

Monday I ran 6 miles along the seawall, it was a beautiful morning and all was quiet.

I’m still working on Chapter 51 The evening before the Championship. I’ll post it just as soon as it is ready. Merry Christmas, Julia French

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2 Responses to Dumplings vs. Chocolate

  1. I LOVE chicken & dumplings. I’ll have to give your recipe a try.

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