Haiku and Christmas

Photo of the week:


Poinsettia on my front door step

The historical information on Basho was found on Google.
Site title: Haiku for People

• Basho, Matsuo. (1644-1694).
The name Basho (banana tree) is a sobriquet he adopted around 1681 after moving into a hut with a banana tree alongside. He was called Kinsaku in childhood and Matsuo Munefusa in his later days.
Basho’s father was a low-ranking samurai from the Iga Province. To be a samurai, Basho serviced for the local lord Todo Yoshitada (Sengin). Since Yoshitada was fond of writing haikai, Basho began writing poetry under the name Sobo.
During the years, Basho made many travels through Japan, and one of the most famous went to the north, where he wrote Oku No Hosomichi (1694). At the time of his death, Basho had more than 2000 students. On his last trip, he died in Osaka, and his last haiku indicates that he was still thinking of traveling and writing poetry as he lay dying:

• Fallen sick on a journey,
In dreams I run wildly
Over a withered moor.

My (Julia French) favorite Basho poem is about a frog.

The pond photo is mine but the poem underneath is Basho’s frog Haiku.

Pond along the river trail

Pond near my house

  • An old pond!
    A frog jumps in-
    The sound of water.

Sun shining on my front door step

I’d like to say that, chapter 51 The evening before the Championship, is ready. I wanted to say it so badly that I almost did but…… I can’t. It is not ready. It is such an important chapter that I dare not skimp on it either sooooooo….. here was are…. it is Christmas time and I am busy with many things…..

Christmas time again

Children noises and cookies

Hyper-active warmth

Daisy and Connor

Remain in my dreams, untouched

Chapter fifty-one

When rest is done, they will run

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies

I am not a cook by any means but at this time of year, who can resist at least trying to bake? I don’t know what you think of the cookie pic above but that little pile of cookies has literally taken me 3 days. One day to make the dough and refrigerate it over night. One day to bake and decorate. And I’m cleaning up the mess tomorrow…. sorry…. I should be a better housewife…. have I mentioned that cooking is not really, my thing? It’s not. These cookies don’t look like much, I guess. But they taste good. They are cinnamon. The whole house smells like vanilla and cinnamon. Plus Timmy helped me put smiley faces on them so I think it was worth the effort in the end. Yep… it was worth it. (I’m still not cleaning up til tomorrow though.) Daisy and Connor are on hold for another week. Merry Christmas, Julia French

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