Hips and Floors

Photo of the week:


I was driving my son to school this morning and this is what I saw. To be honest I see the sun rising almost every morning when taking him to school. It is an amazing sight, every single time.



As far as exercise goes, I ran 5 miles yesterday. I would have enjoyed it more had my knee not been acting up. A Daily Mile  friend directed me to the strengthrunning.com site you see above. It seems that weak hips might be the cause of the little kink I’ve been experiencing in my knee.

Today I spent about 30 minutes doing the hip exercises explained on the demo. They were very good, I thought. I also broke out my leg trainer and did it too. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I’m just gonna say it, I’m glad I bought a leg trainer. No matter what your strength level is, it is beneficial. You simply adjust the reps to your ability. That’s it. I enjoyed both things, Mr. Fitzgerald’s hip demo and also the leg trainer. Later on in the evening I ran 5 again. It was a very pleasant run along the river with no kinks what-so-ever.


My lunch today was a simple one. Homemade chili with rice and carrot juice. Chopped up tomatoes, a can of kidney beans, a can of corn, hamburger meat, and taco seasoning mix all stewed together. Yum, it’s a favorite around my house. You can serve it with rice or bread, whichever you prefer.

About Daisy and Connor’s World, I’m kind of stumped. I was reading over the chapter that is already up and posted, Chapter 52 The Championship and felt there was something missing………

 Something had fallen to the floor

Ideas that should have soared

Were lost at the door

What can I say?

I wanna feel it some more

I feel it already

But not in my core

I need to dig a little deeper

to the bottom of my drawer

and look for the something

That fell to the floor

Dear readers, I’m gonna be busy this week, searching for missing pieces. But not to worry, being busy is good. It means we’re alive and kicking. Until next week….. Julia French

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