Zakimi Castle and Apples

Zakimi is a beautiful park with an Historic castle in the center. I sometimes run here.


It is not the biggest nor the fanciest castle park in Okinawa but I still like this one better than the others. It is on a hill with lots of trees and a walking path around the castle ruins. From my home to Zakimi, around the park and then back home again is a 4 mile run.


It’s an extremely peaceful place. Can you see the little bench between the trees? I like to sit there sometimes. It’s a good thinking spot.


It doesn’t matter which direction you run in, there is shade from the sun and beautiful scenery all around. It is perfect for exercising.

This morning, an interest in cooking was sparked when I saw a recipe advertisement for apples in the grocery store. I brought the flier home and gave two of the recipes a try.


First one:

I put 250 ml of water, sugar, 1/4 cup of white wine, and 1/4 cup of lemon juice in a sauce pan to boil for 8 to 10 minutes. Then I added one large sliced apple, reduced the heat and put the cover on for another few minutes. Then I turned the heat off and let it sit with the cover on for a while.


For breakfast I had warm apples cooked in this way. I put the juice in a tea cup and drank it too. It tasted like hot apple cider. Sweeeeeeeet breakfast!




I thinly sliced one large apple and some cabbage in a bowl. I sprinkled 1/4 cup of lemon juice all over it and mixed it well. Then I added mayo and black pepper and mixed it up again. Believe it or not, lemon juice+mayo+black pepper taste really good together. I will serve this salad with dinner tonight. I liked it too.

Well, this is it for now, I’m going to work on Daisy and Connor’s World, then later maybe head up to Zakimi for a little fresh air. Take care, Julia French

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4 Responses to Zakimi Castle and Apples

  1. That looks like a beautiful park to run in! Those recipes sound delicious too!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I like the curvy trees. That park looks like it might be hilly! Very pretty.

  3. daisydesk says:

    It is hilly, but when I mapped the run, not much incline appeared…. hum…. not sure why.

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