Mother’s Day Encouragement


Technically, since I’m in the East, today is the day after Mother’s Day. But for my Western friends today is Mother’s Day evening. No matter which side of the world you live on, Mom’s are great and we’re glad we have them. So first I’ll just say, Thank you to all the Mom’s for what they do. The place they hold is a big one, not always a fun one and certainly not always an easy one, but they hold it and aren’t we glad they do.

May God help them to understand the times and the seasons.

To “Let Go” when they need to let go.

Say, “No” when they need to say no.

Not to waver when the wind blows.

Seeds of kindness always sow.

Helping those around them to grow.

At one time, I thought is was only the young that grow.

But now I see young and old alike…. they both grow.

We never stop growing.

God never stops hoeing.

Mom’s, we can’t afford to stop sowing.

Sometimes…. it is us, God is showing

The times, the seasons, and which way we are going.

We’re the ones knowing

Because we see the rowing

Made by the one who is hoeing


Today is a rainy day but I got out and ran before it poured. I just ran my usual neighborhood circle. 4.5 miles along the river. I’ve been running this circle a lot because it is the closest to my house.

Last week I ran on the seawall and saw the dragon boats practicing. It is really an amazing sight, how fast and smooth they row together. I was running and they were rowing. I watched them while I ran. The seawall run is 6.23 miles along the ocean. For a brief time, we moved together.


Recently I came across a magazine called, Hiragana Times. I really like it because it is written in both English and Hiragana. I can read articles in both languages and learn from them. I learn about whatever the articles are talking about, of course. But I get the extra learning experience of comparing the vocabulary. I hope it will help my language skills.

The photo above, is an article I read about marathons in Japan. One place in particular that people like to go for running is Mt. Fuji. This article informed me that Mt. Fuji will be registered this year, 2013, as a World Heritage Site. I hope to one day see Mt. Fuji. I understand from reading, that it is a beautiful experience.


Peter Rabbit Coffee Mugs

In closing, I’d just like to say that Daisy and Connor’s World is still in the editing stage. I wish I could move faster with it but this pace is just how it is for the time being.

I must say though, that I felt encouraged when I came across these Peter Rabbit Coffee Mugs. Everybody knows the Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. She lived from 1943 to 1866.  Her stories along with her artwork are popular here (Okinawa Japan). She’s gone but her work lives on. I wonder if she had any idea that her work would be sold in Japan and loved by so many?

My work is not like hers of course but she inspires me and gives me hope just the same. Wherever you find yourself in life today, let’s just keep at it, shall we.

Psalm 118: 24-25 This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. O Lord, save us; O Lord grant us success.

Until next time, Julia French

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