New recipe/Snails Pace

Good afternoon to all! Of late, I have been exercising in a slightly different way. I re-opened my gym membership and have been swimming at the pool. The gym is a nice switch if it’s too hot outside for running. I feel my whole body is in use when I swim laps. I consider it a total body workout.

After swimming, I’ve been adding 30 minutes of yoga stretches. Recently I came across this youtube session and liked it.


At the grocery store, I saw a display for the above soup consume’. It came with a tiny recipe booklet. I gave the suggested recipe a try at home.


I stir fried, bell peppers, cabbage, sliced pork, and onion together with the soup consume’ powder sprinkled in.


I boiled spaghetti noodles and carrots in the soup consume’ too.


I drained out all the water and mixed the noodles and stir fried vegetables together. It made a really nice dinner for my family.

In closing, I’d just like to say, I’m still working on / editing Daisy and Connor’s World. Things are moving along at a….

100_1909Snails pace, Julia French


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2 Responses to New recipe/Snails Pace

  1. Swimming is a great workout! It’s low impact, but it works every muscle in your body. Keep up the great work Julia!

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