Heart Colision

My heart goes out to all the by-lingual and by-lingual-wanta-be’s of the world. It is really quite an accomplishment. I am sure that anyone who has successful broken the language barrier has shed many tears.

breaking the language barrier, in Japanese is, ことばのかべこわれた、kotobano kabe kowareta. (Or rather word wall break)

I haven’t broken the wall yet. Perhaps I’ve put a little dent in it. I stare at it and cry most of the time then God gives me a little strength and I bang on it awhile (study). I see a little hole now. But still… even with a hole, the wall is massive in my eyes.

Today was one of my banging study days. I tried to translate the first line of my short story, Resolve. You can find the whole story in English, if you push the sunset icon on the right of the screen which is marked, Resolve an Intro into Daisy and Connor’s World.

My first attempt at translating into Japanese goes like this.

The original first line of Resolve,…..

Connor Bailey and Mark Langley raced with all their might through  the hospital parking lot.

I switched the word order around, hoping to match the Japanese word order. My guess is that it would be something like…..

Connor Bailey and Mark Langley hospital parking lot through with strength race did.

In Hiragana–> Connor Bailey と Mark Langleyは  びよういんの ちうしゃじょを とって ちからで レースしました。

In Romaji–> Connor Bailey to Mark Langleywa biyouinno chiushajowo totte chikarade re-sushimashita.

Of course the primary love of my heart is my God, Jesus Christ. But I also love my family, running, writing stories and Japan. Today, 2 loves collided together, Japan and writing. I want to write. I also want to write something that the Japanese can partake of.

I’ve thought about adding sound and reading my stories aloud on this blog. However, I have discovered that MP3 recordings (the method that I tried) cannot be uploaded on the type of blog that I have. Soooooooooo, until I get that figured out, love compels me to try my hand at translating the written story and posting that way.

One sentence down……. thousands left to go…….. be encouraged, God is not done with me yet and He is not done with you either. がんばります!はげます、かみさまはおわりじゃないでしたWe are all works in progress, masterpieces. Yeah! Julia French

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4 Responses to Heart Colision

  1. Being bi-lingual is tough & it takes great ttalent. I took Spanish classes in middle school and don’t remember hardly any of it.

    • daisydesk says:

      Yea, you hear it (language) but it gets lost in the mix of everyday life somehow. I’ve talked to people who have studied a language for 2 or 3 years and they are fluent. I’m amazed at that. I study and remember things but still get it all mixed up.

  2. twrightlove says:

    Hey this has nothing to do with your blog, but my friend is being deployed to Japan! I would love to learn another language. When I’m able to though and can afford it…now college is taking all my time, energy, and money. Sighs. 🙂

    • daisydesk says:

      Japan is a lovely place. I’m sure your friend will love it here. They can locate me through this blog site or facebook, if they want to study Japanese together or find a good church or whatever.

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