Main Character Poem

An early morning at the beach made me think of him. Perhaps you didn’t know that the beach was where I first thought up my main character.

Connor was first a soft ocean sound.

Then a sparkle of sunshine glittering down.

Very light just like a sound… he glided across gentle blue waves.

After that he gained speed and became a quicker breeze.

In my minds eye, he took the lead.

First gentle, bright minded with blue eyes then fast as the wind was he.

That is how Connor ought to be.

I thought this to only me.

Toguchi park ocean view

Morning by the sea

Gentle waves rolling in, lazily.

Not moving at a noisy afternoon pace… but quiet… as the morning summer sea.

Constant… steady… rhythmic…..,never tiring… never quitting…. a dependable mover is he.

Peaceful ocean scene

Serene pastels of blue and green

Clear blue skys

Friendly smiles

Ocean grey eyes

Sandy curls

Carefree laughter, lighthearted as morning waves

And run…. oh… he could run all day long… without complaint

Easy pace, smiling face, never haste, steady-steady is his race

Toguchi Park

ocean view

Not too fast, not too slow, taking miles he does know

With God’s help he does grow

Into a man, with a heart white as snow

Leaping dunes like a doe

Nothing stops him…. I love the show

You might think it hard to sit and watch

Someone who really is not.

But I make him real with every jot

more than just a face to be sought

I’ve given him a life and a lot

as well as a girl to tight the knot

The main character of Daisy and Connor’s World

In my minds eye, I have caught

Connor Bailey

He is real even though he is not.

 The editing of Daisy and Connor’s World has not stopped

This story I will not drop

One day it will be bought

Author Julia French

Dear Readers; I hope you enjoy all the writing found on this blog, however, please be mindful that it is mine. Don’t copy it or use it without my permission. Faith in the honesty of mankind still remains in me. Have a great week. Julia

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