The Land of Thank You

Well I did it. I took a quick two weeks out of Japan and flew to the great US of A.

Yoga stretches in the airport at some ridiculous hour of the morning.

Yoga stretches in the airport at some ridiculous hour of the morning.

I went to a wedding.


Ran in the Marine Corps Freedom 5K.

I ranked 14th out of 54 in my age bracket.


Visited the oldest city in the US, St. Augustine Florida.

The Spanish Fort in St Augustine was closed due to the government shutdown.

Visited the Alligator Farm (can’t go to Florida without seeing the gators)

This is a real albino alligator.

This is a real albino alligator.

Saw lots of family and went to the beach.


Got lost a few times on the highway (just to keep it real) and then came home.

I knew I was back in Japan when I started hearing the word, Thank you.


Every stewardess on the ANA airlines said thank you to me.

For what? I have no idea, but they said it anyway.

I was  in tears by the 3rd time because I realized I live in the land of Thank You.

Is it possible to say thank you too many times?

I used to think so but not any more.

It touched my heart so to hear it.

It is one of the sweetest characteristics of the Japanese people.

A beautiful defining point of Asian culture.

I don’t believe anyone can say thank you as well as a they.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

Thank you for visiting my page and please come again soon, Julia French

Written October 21, 2013

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5 Responses to The Land of Thank You

  1. I think alot of people don’t have manners any more, because living here in Utah, I hardly hear people say thank you. I find it very sad. One place I NEVER hear people say thank you is during a race to the volunteers & law enforcement. That’s why I always make it a point when I’m in a race, if I’m going through an intersection & law enforcement is out directing traffic, or I stop for water at an aid station that I always say thank you.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing! And thank you for reminding me to say thank you.

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