My Weekend

I went to the Annual Yomitan Festival this weekend. I learned how sugar is taken from sugar cane.

Boiling sugar cane

Boiling sugar cane

You boil it in big vats.

Starting to get thick and hard

Starting to get thick and hard

You boil it until it gets hard and thick.

End product, brown sugar squares

End product, brown sugar squares

Then you cool it on pans and cut into squares. Brown sugar squares made in this natural way tastes very different from what is bought in the store. The flavor is much stronger and deeper. It’s probably not good to eat too much but wow, the taste is so unique and yummy. (For those of you who know about my diet, I only ate 1 piece.)

Used up sugar cane husk

The husks are just thrown out when the process is complete.

Driving with my husband

Driving with my husband

The next day I went driving with my husband. In this pic we are on a circular bridge overlooking Nago and Kinville.


circular bridge

Rice hanging on the sidewalk railings

Rice hanging on the sidewalk railings

This time of year rice is being harvested.

more rice

more rice

You see it hanging everywhere during harvest time.


On the drive back home we saw a matchless sunset. All sunsets are matchless but this one was really, really, really matchless. Don’t you think so?

Huge Tree

Huge Tree


Sitting high in the arms of a tree

A squirrel scrambles

A bird sings.

Everything else to to far to see.

A gentle whisper blows…….

“Tomorrow just do your work quietly. Keep it simple. Do it happily.”

That’s what the whisper said to me.

“I’ll make you stand just like this tree. For no other reason than just….. it pleases Me.”

That’s what the whisper said to me.


Poem and all writing By Julia French

Dear All, This is that time of year where we tell each other what we are thankful for.  So in closing, I want to name a few things to get the thankful wheels turning. I am thankful for harvest time, and family time, for cool sites to see and time to be free. I’m also thankful for having a job. Yes, for work. I’m thankful there is work that I can do. I’m also thankful  for His kind whispers that bring stability to me and you. Keep that thankful wheel turning this week, Julia French

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2 Responses to My Weekend

  1. lmjapan says:

    Very interesting, the brown sugar squares looked so good!

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