Slow Day Miles

I hit 20 miles this past week. Distance-wise I’m happy but pace-wise, not so much. My runs seem to be hovering between slow and slower. On one such day I took my camera along.100_2480

After some circles around the track, I wandered down a side road and came to this tiny restaurant called, Suien.


The restaurant sign had a picture of a Donkey on it so I’m thinking, Suien means Donkey in some language I am not familiar with such as Nepali or Indian. (But I could be wrong. I really don’t know)


It had the tiniest little kitchen with a stone oven.


The dishes were Nepali/Indian type dishes but the waitress told me that the homemade breads were made from German recipes. Interesting mix, yea?


Everything was very tiny and homey looking.


Spicy Pumpkin soup and German baked bread

I ate and read some books they had stashed in the corner then I walked home. On this particular day, 6 slow miles were accomplished with photos and lunch stuck in the middle.


Flowers planted in the middle of the road where I walked.


close up shot


close up shot

What can I say about this day? Sometimes when sad things happen it zaps my strength and I struggle to perform. What is not really my best, turns into my best. I just have to walk through it and make it count for as much as I possible can.

Keep your head up, Julia French

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2 Responses to Slow Day Miles

  1. twrightlove says:

    Sadness will certainly zap your energy. The soups sounds delicious. It’s rainy her in SC, I wish I could have some soup and a good book

  2. daisydesk says:

    It wasn’t raining on the day posted above but it is raining now. Soup is always good rainy day or not.

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