What a little bird said.

The other day I went to the track to do some walking. I parked in the same spot that I always parked in but this day was different……


It was different because some birds had decided that it was their spot.


At first I didn’t realize what was happening. I heard their singing. I sat in the car and listened to them for a good long time. I didn’t want to move. I was amused by their sweet dialog.


It was two birds. One in the tree directly in front of my car and one perched on a mini van next to my car. I was so amused that I even opened my sun roof and took these photos of them.


They sang and sang back and forth to each other for the longest time. After a while it dawned on me…..


I was being scolded for being in their spot!

100_2678It was such a sweet scolding that honestly I didn’t catch it at first. Once I realized what they meant, I moved my car immediately and went on with my walking. I walked 5 miles at the track on this day. All the while thinking about these sweet birds.

If my scolding sounded more like singing maybe others would be a little happier about doing what I say. Ya think?

Working on my talking and my walking

Have a good week, Julia French

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