Everything Green

It’s Spring and everything is turning green.

And since we desire to be lean

It’s important to keep salads on the scene.


Good combo


Nasturtium leaves, Lambs lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spinach, carrot, and tomatoes go well together.


Nasturtium flower and leaves

I’ve never seen Nasturtium sold in a store but it is easy to grow in your backyard.

Once you’ve planted it, it will grow like crazy during the spring and summer, die out in the winter, then naturally reappear the following spring without any work at all.


Green drinks are easy to make in the blender. This one is 1 tangerine, 1/2 apple diced and a small handful of sliced Goya. Goya is known for being bitter but when you mix it with fruit, the bitterness kind of balances out.  The taste is not too bad. I like this combo.


I tried Vege Ramen in a Ramen shop on my birthday recently. The noodles were made from vegetables so they were green plus all the topping as well. This was a tasty lunch.


なんでんし This is a tree that grows dark red berries. However, in this pic the berries are not dark yet.

ルカ8:15–> しかし、よいちに おちるとは、こういう ひとたちの ことです。ただしい、よいこころで みことばを きくと、それを しっかりとまもり、よくたえて、えを むすばせるのです。

Luke 8:15–> But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by patience produce a good crop.

Patience = にんたい

Julia French

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2 Responses to Everything Green

  1. I didn’t know you could eat nasturtium leaves. A salad sounds yummy right now!

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