Keep a Clean Field

There is no rush いそがないでもいいよ

Learning how to take my time

Let things go, Let them pass

Find a quiet task and just relax


A clean field looks peaceful. きれいの フイールドを しずか みたいです。

My husband and I enjoyed some nature trails nearby this week.

Some fresh air and sunshine was just what we needed.


We saw a Mongoose. モングスを みました。


Woodpecker きつつき


つつめ たぶん?Sparrow maybe?

Sometimes you have to take time to let your heart breathe. You know, air out a little.

It is easy to plant new things in a clean, aired-out heart. But very difficult to plant new things in a cluttered one.

Thinking about the birds is very helpful. They sing and hop about in the trees all day long. They have no clutter, no worries, no stuff, and yet they live free and happy lives.

I looked up the word, anxiety, in the dictionary recently.

しんぱい = worry

せつぼう = longing

やきもきする = fret

Longing for things that are not yours creates stress. It clutters the heart.

Don’t envy others = ねたましくもわない

God is generous = かみさまは きまえが いいひとです。

Keeping a clean heart takes time and effort.

But there are lots of nice things that can grow there if you dig-out worry.









Matthew マタイ20:1-15

しんらい Trust  しんじる

Julia French

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