Friendly Walk

A while back I took a walk with a friend of mine.

Neighbor’s Garden

We saw some cleverly put together homemade gardens.

Newly built blue house

We came across an extremely blue house. Obviously newly built. I wonder who will live in such a brightly painted house? It’s a pretty blue, don’t get me wrong, but wow…. I’ve just never seen a house this particular shade. I guess whoever does decide to live here will not have a hard time giving direction. “Come on over for a BQ. Our house the blue one on the hill.”

Blue House on the Hill

I think about you still

As a cool place to chill

With a family around a grill.

You’re bright as bright can be

So friends can find you easily.

“A mile away you can see,

my blue house on the hill.”

Says the happy family.

manicured trees

In this part of the world, people often manicure their trees meticulousness.

Garden fish pond

This house has turned their entire front yard into a fish pond. Saves on mowing the lawn I guess. But then they spend a lot of time trimming the trees too. So I’m not sure which would be easier. Lawn mowing or tree trimming…. hmmmm…..

Papaya Tree

We passed several really good looking Papaya trees.


Rows and rows of Chrysanthemum too. This plant makes very nice tea.

Friendly dog in a pink shirt

On the way home we passed a friendly dog in a pink shirt. She had pleading, ‘come pet me’ eyes. I am too chicken to pet dogs I don’t know so I just took a picture and left it at that.


Dear Readers,

My walk being done. I’d like to give a little update on Daisy and Connor’s World.

Chapters 1 to 30 have been revised and re-posted.

You can find them by clicking on the Daisy and Connor’s World icon on the right side of your screen.

Revised version of chapters after 30 have not been posted yet. You can read them if you want but they don’t exactly match the first 30 chapters and may cause confusion.

Chapters 1 to 30 = good to go, happy reading.

Chapters after 30 = revision incomplete, read at your own risk.

Have a great day, Julia French

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2 Responses to Friendly Walk

  1. I’ve heard that the landscaping over there is very perfectionist! I’ll bet it’s beautiful…but it takes a ton of time! You’re right…that is a very blue house!!! There is a house up on the hill from where I grew up & it’s pink and their front door is painted the same color as Pepto Bismal!

  2. daisydesk says:

    Hahahahhahahaa! Pepto Bismal! Really?! Wow! Everyone has there own taste. It makes for a very interesting world don’t you think so?

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