Inner Healing, Outer Running

I had an interesting running experience today that for me was kind of a “break through” of sorts so I thought I’d post it here for memory sake.

The morning started off like most…. dropping my child off at school… wanting to go back to bed but heading for the track instead.

Coffee in hand I begin my circles hoping my body would wake up and want to run.

The sky was / is so blue today. The air so fresh and breezy. The trees make quiet noise that I like to hear. Every now and then I stop to listen. I like the breeze in the trees. Now I feel like waking up. I do some simple stretches the only sounds around are the trees and distant cars on the highway. When I’m in down-dog-pose I look at the blue upside down  sky and out across the dirt field. Little upside down birds peck at the ground looking for breakfast. If I hold very still and very quiet in a down-dog position the birds forget I’m there and come really close to me. They were so sweet I stayed like that extra long this a.m. just watching them upside down.

The first 3 miles I just walked. Whispering prayers for whatever came to mind. Stopping every now and then to stretch, listen, watch the funny birds. Honestly if you don’t stop you’ll never see the birds or hear the trees. They just blend together like a humble backdrop. You’ll go right by them and not ever notice them if you don’t stop.

A certain Bible verse came to mind when I looked at the sky. When I thought about this verse it ran through my system and healed me from the inside out. I don’t really know why this verse (as opposed to other verses) healed me but it did.

It is Psalm 36:5-6 which says:

Your love O Lord reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.

Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the great deep.

O Lord you preserve both man and beast.

Accepting His authority, acknowledging His righteousness, His justice, it just does something on the inside of me. Something clean and kind and gentle…. I can not deny there is power in His words.

Then I felt like running. So I ran. For me running is a slow process of constant circles. It seems much easier on the tracks than on the streets. The ground is softer, shady trees, singing birds. The place is very familiar. The repetition doesn’t bother me. No traffic to contend with but I know my “track time” is coming to a close.  The walkers on the track sometimes get annoyed with me for running around them. They are very polite about it of course but I can see it on their face. “The track is for the retired community and I’m in their way.” Well really if I ever plan to run a marathon I’m going to have to suck it up and get on the streets. I know it… but I still hold out for the gentle, the calm, the familiar, the trees, the birds…. oh God I’m such a baby. Wa-Wa-Wa a 50-year-old baby. Who needs it right? I sure don’t and I’m the one saying it!

Psalm 29:11 — The Lord gives strength to His people; He blesses His people with peace.

I’m just going to have to believe God’s word and move on.

Last week I ran on the streets. I lived. I’m fine. What’s my problem?

I’m at a cross roads again. I’ve been at the spot so many times. Here I am again.

I feel like I had some kind of emotional healing moment today with the Bible verses while I ran. The process has been going on for several months actually. Today was key somehow. Some things finally worked through my system and I’m good. Now a new hurdle is in front of me. Not really a new one but one I have not yet successfully overcome so in a way it is still new to me… moving out to the streets again. Obtaining victory there too. Not just privately in my heart but outside with real people, real life, real streets. No stress, no injury, peaceful and strong again. Ok I can do this. I think… maybe… we’ll see…. wait, what…. Ok I can do this… I’ll try to do it again…. I’m good, yes, I can do this.

John 16:33– “I have told you these things, so that in Me (Jesus) you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

In closing I’d just like to add a link to a poem of a fellow blogger that I thought was especially nice.

Have a great day living, listening, learning, and running

Running doesn’t start with an “L” but oh well, Julia French

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3 Responses to Inner Healing, Outer Running

  1. Keep up the awesome work Julia!!!

  2. daisydesk says:

    Thanks Ara, we are all working at it together :):)

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